I had sex with the ziggy cup in and here’s how it went

I had sex with the ziggy cup in and here’s how it went…

When I saw the ziggy cup released by Intimina I was intrigued. In fact, I had a friend mail me one from Germany before I could purchase one in the USA! When it arrived I was surprised at the shape and a bit worried about the claim that it “sits high.” I worried it would go too high and be difficult to remove. This cup definitely has it’s own learning curve. With some practice, I’ve become pretty good at inserting it and recently talked my husband into having sex with the cup in. Here’s how that went…

Warning. This content is for adult readers only. 

ziggy cup review

One of the most asked about features of the ziggy cup is it’s ability to be used for “mess-free sex” during menstruation. While I’m not one to shy away from period sex unless I’m having a gushing fountain day I wanted to give it a try for research purposes.

As a Mom to 4 babies, my husband has seen it all. He was present 100% of the time for the births of my sons including watching my c-section, episiotomy and many other things that happen during birth like pooping in front of a crowd of strangers.

As you can imagine, I was 100% comfortable approaching him with this experiment.

Here’s how it all went down.

Typically, I have a long cycle. Ten, sometimes even 12 days and it starts off with several light days and ends with several light days. There are, however, 2-3 very heavy days in the middle and my husband happened to be off from work on one of these days.

“Do you have your period?” He asked.

“Yes, I replied but it’s a really heavy day,” I replied.

“Oh, so we can’t..?” He started responding. (4-year-old zips through the room)

“Well, I do have this cup that’s supposed to be used for period sex we can try.”

“Awesome!” He said.

So, when we had an opportunity to be alone…I went into the bathroom to insert it. I’ve become pretty used to getting it in and out but wasn’t sure about having intercourse with the ziggy cup inside.

Unlike other menstrual cups, the ziggy cup goes in backward. You hold the cup like a taco and insert it backside first and then push the front up behind your pubic bone. Unlike other cups when I reach in I feel the front of the cup first instead of the stem. It’s actually pretty comfortable for just bleeding and I have learned to hook the front and pull it down.

ziggy cup review

One thing of note. The disc, unlike a standard cup-shaped collection device, starts pouring out when I remove it because I’m pulling it down and tipping the whole thing forward. The menstrual cup I pinch the bottom and can remove it with the blood contained…which then gets poured out normally in a pretty mess-free process…the ziggy comes out front end first.

Enough about that, back to ziggy cup sex.

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We started off slow. 

To my surprise, I felt kind of dry and definitely not lubricated from menstrual fluid.

It seemed like the cup was definitely holding everything up…but we quickly realized that he could not push his penis in as far as he normally can. He said that it was like pushing up against a piece of cling wrap hanging over a glass. I can verify that sensation from an internal perspective.

“Is it up as high as it can go?” He asked.

I reached in and tried to push it up farther. I have a high cervix but the length of the cup doesn’t allow it to go too high. After pushing it behind my pubic bone the front of the cup stays in that location.

“That’s as high as it goes!” I said.

We proceeded and started to get a rhythm down, missionary style over a purple bath towel used just for period sex.

“Do you hear that?” I asked.

“Yes…what’s that noise?!” He asked…

Have you ever had sex on a squeaky bed that makes a noise every time it rocks back and forth? Yeah, it sounded like that.

However, this squeaky noise was coming from my vagina.

Every time he pushed in the cup squeaked and felt like it was almost folding. When he pulled back it squeaked again! If this was a new partner who didn’t know the cup was in…and I wasn’t comfortable with my body I would have been mortified.

I checked the cup. Still in position!

We tried, but we couldn’t get over the noise and the fact that he couldn’t penetrate me fully with it inserted.

“Should I take it out?” I asked.

“Yes!” he replied.

I reached in and hooked the front of cup and removed it quickly. We inspected the cup and it looked fine and was collecting. I just think it’s too long for my anatomy. If it was smaller I think I could push it higher and possibly have more vaginal length for intercourse but the squeaking noise I just could not get over. I could also feel it bending back and forth which wasn’t horrible…but odd at the same time.

I asked for his input later. He said that after a while, he could see it irritating the tip of his penis because he was pushing up against it and that he didn’t mind blood anyway and would prefer to just not use it…heavy day or not.

Final verdict?

Did it work? Kind of. Will I use it for period sex again? No. Will I use it for my period again? Yes!

What do you think? Have you tried it? 

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