XO Flo Review

XO Flo Review

The XO Flo Menstrual Cup is making waves. Why? It’s sleek, smooth and high-capacity! In addition, as you’ll see below, when placed next to many popular brands you can see that it’s rim and diameter looks very do-able despite it’s high 38ml volume. Looking for a heavy-flo cup? You’ll want to see this below:

xo flo review

I was excited to test out the XO Flo menstrual cup. I have two heavy flo days that are just not covered by a standard menstrual cup. If I want to chase the kids at soccer practice leak-free, run around without a large pad on showing through my leggings or wake up without running to the toilet before Niagra falls hits…a larger capacity cup needed to be added to my cup collection.

XO Flo Cup features include:

  • XO Flo holds more fluid (38 ml) than most other cups due to its rounded shape and high, slanted release holes.
  • XO Flo’s long and soft beaded stem is designed to be both trimmable and super comfortable when left untrimmed.
  • XO Flo’s patent-pending inner support rings (X design) help pop XO Flo open once inserted—no need for a thick, uncomfortable rim like other cups.
    • Works best with the punch down for me.
  • XO Flo is made in USA with smooth, flexible medical-grade silicone.
  • Super sleek and positions high for me.
  • The XO Flo size:
    • 45mm diameter
    • 55mm without stem
    • 86mm total length (including stem)

The first several days went really well. The cup was comfortable, I slept with it in and even jogged. One thing of note, is the lack of ridges on the bottom of the cup. Removal of the XO flo was something that could be in a comedy. I tried several times to pinch the bottom of the cup and my fingers simply slid off. I knew I’d have to pull on the stem, but didn’t want to injure my cervix by breaking the seal with a tug. I’ve done that before and it isn’t fun!

I used a two-handed approach where I pulled the cup stem down with one hand, and used the other to pinch the bottom of the cup. This both breaks the seal and allowed me to remove the cup slowly. I consider myself to be a medium/high cervix on my period days, but this made me feel like I have a super high cervix.

XO Flo volume

How does the XO Flo have a high volume? If you look at it next to several 30ml cup brands below, you’ll see that the rim is nearly the same diameter and sometimes a bit smaller. However, unlike the bell-shaped or tapered cups, the design shoots straight down and into a “U” at the bottom. This allows for an increased volume, but for me wasn’t as comfortable. After a few days, I started to feel a bit sore and needed a cup-break. Now, I keep the cup for my heavier days and use a lower volume cup on lighter days.

Compared to other brands, like the Super Jennie, the XO flo is 38mls and the Super Jennie is 41.61mls, only a 3.61ml difference there! Plus the XO flo is super sleek and slightly longer with a much longer stem.

Who is this good for? If you’re already a cup user and looking for something that’s high capacity, super sleek or even great for heavy days, and can do the U shape without the taper, this is for you. I wouldn’t recommend this to a first-time cup user. Even as someone experienced with cups, I had a bit of trouble with removal and had to pull out all of my tricks.

This cup boldly went where no cup has gone before. While I usually position a cup below my cervix and it kind of stays where I put it, this one crept up. Definitely ideal for a high-cervix, but unlike my other cups I’m sure this one met my cervix. I think this is the reason that the outside of the cup was clean every time I removed it. Also, I noticed what I believe was a burst of air, possibly exiting the cup, as it settled. I don’t notice this with cups with additional holes, but do have another 2-hole cup that also gives this sensation.

xo flo review

xo flo review

xo flo review

xo flo review

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XO Flo menstrual cup compared to other brands

Because the XO Flo cup meets the needs of heavy flow cup users, you may already own one cup or be considering a cup and wonder how this one compares. Take a look at the XO Flo compared to several popular and similar sized cup brands.

  1. Diva size 2
  2. MeLuna XL
  3. Lunette size 2
  4. Ruby Cup size 2
  5. Lena cup size 2
  6. XO Flo menstrual cup

xo flo review

XO Flo next to MeLuna XL below

xo flo and meluna comparison

XO Flo next to lena size 2

xo flo and lena cup comparison

XO Flo (left) next to Diva size 2 (right)

xo flo and diva cup comparison

XO Flo next to Lunette 2 (yellow)

xo flo and lunette cup comparison

XO Flo next to Ruby size 2 (right)

xo flo and ruby cup comparison

A smaller version of the XO Flo is coming!

If you love the look and design of this cup, but need a smaller size you’re in luck! GladRags recently had a successful kickstarter for the XO Flo mini! What that means is that they crowd-sourced funding to launch production and bring this to market! I personally am excited because while I like the XO Flo for heavy days, it’s just more than I need for the rest of my cycle and doesn’t have the long-term comfort some of my other higher capacity cups do.

xo flo mini


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