What is a Green Vagina + How Green is Yours?

What is a Green Vagina + How Green is Yours?

When I started this website I struggled with the name. I considered a lot of options but decided to go bold. Go big or go home right? I wanted to focus on eco-friendly and toxin-free products and habits for one of the most sensitive, sacred and vascular parts of the body – the vagina.

As I suspected, the term “Green Vagina” is confusing to some. However, I see it as an opportunity for education. When people read Green Vagina they think…infection. However, most vaginal infections are white and cloudy, not green.

Green Vagina refers to eco-friendly. As in Go Green…with your vagina. Why Green Vaginas? Disposable menstrual products are some of the most toxin-filled things we put on and in our bodies. In addition, disposable vaginal products take hundreds of years to decompose. They litter the planet and just aren’t good for us.

So, how green is your vagina? Find out!

what is a green vagina

Cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and chemicals in our bloodstreams.

Do the chemicals in disposable menstrual products cause cancer and other health problems? You may or may not be shocked to learn that disposable pads, tampons and “feminine” products do not have to list their ingredients.

However, independent labs have found that they contain many toxins, plastic and even chemicals that are known carcinogens…cancer-causing agents.

I wish I knew about reusable menstrual products sooner. After I switched it was a matter of cycles before the terrible menstrual cramps I used to have simply disappeared. To my surprise, I learned that this is common for many menstruators! The chemicals in disposable products are thought to cause and amplify cramps!

It’s my mission to help everyone with a vagina, have a green vagina. 

I love green vagina products so much that I want to share them with everyone! I know now all menstruators will be enthusiastic or even want to switch to reusables…but I feel like at least I tried and they were given the opportunity to see what exists outside of the disposable products sold to us in stores.

I also realize that not everyone can switch. Because of lack of access to supplies, water and/or a place to wash resuables I recognize that not everyone can switch.

So….how green is your vagina? 

Maybe you’re new to reusable menstrual products or maybe you’ve been a menstrual cup or washable pad user for years and even help friends and family green their vaginas!

Which badge fits you? 

Green Vagina Explorer Badge – You are thinking about products and doing research, but haven’t made the switch yet!

green vagina badge

Green Vagina Bronze Medal Badge – The Bronze Legel Green Vagina badge wearer has made the switch to reusable menstrual products part-time. Or, is in the process of switching over but maybe doesn’t have a complete collection and is working on getting comfortable using reusables out in public.

green vagina badge

Green Vagina Silver Medal Badge – The Silver Legel Green Vagina badge is for the reusable menstrual product user who is full-time and rarely if ever resorts to disposable menstrual products. You have switched over and gone green but don’t quite have the megaphone out yet.

green vagina badge

Green Vagina Gold Medal Badge – The Gold Level Green Vagina user uses reusable menstrual products full time plus avoids all other chemicals in washes, sprays and other products designed for the vulva and vagina. The gold level badge wearer also has a few converts under their belt! Perhaps you’ve converted a few friends and family members and also enjoy educating others about the benefits of having a green vagina.

green vagina badge

Green Vagina Superstar Badge – The Green Vagina superstar has exceeded all expectations. This person not only uses reusable menstrual products and toxin-free pelvic products but has also taken the role of an educator, advocate and representative for all things green vagina related!

green vagina superstar badge

Looking for places to shop for your Green Vagina?

I have a list of cloth pad & cup shops + coupons here! 

Want to download and display your badge? Grab badges here!

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