Vagina Weightlifting – Yes it’s a real thing + my experience getting started!

Vagina Weightlifting – Yes it’s a real thing + my experience getting started!

Repeat after me. The vagina is a muscle. The vagina is a muscle.

When people talk about vaginal tightness and issues including prolapses like cystocele & rectocele, urinary incontinence and lack of vaginal sensation there is a possibility that their vagina muscle isn’t as strong as it once was.

Our vaginas lose muscle strength for many reasons including age, hormones, a general decrease in physical condition over the whole body, pregnancy, childbirth etc and we need to be doing more to both decrease stigma around talking about our vaginal health and the use of pelvic floor exercises and therapy to help these widespread issues.

So what is Vagina Weightlifting? I’ll tell you + my experience getting started!

vagina weightlifting

The first time I heard about vagina weightlifting it was from a youtube video that passed through my Facebook feed. There was a someone standing, legs spread, with a fruit dangling between their legs.

While I can’t remember the exact video…I can say that this idea stuck with me and it wasn’t long before I ordered my own set of yoni eggs and waxless dental floss to get started.

I admit to having the yoni eggs around just kind of sitting awhile before I got the courage to give this a go. They sat in my drawer next to the ben wa balls I purchased to test which are also frequently used as vagina exercisers. To be honest I feared the egg would go up too high. Luckily, I was wrong and I wish I started sooner!

So what is Vagina weightlifting and why would someone do it?

Vagina weightlifting is exactly what it sounds like. The weightlifter places an object inside the vagina with a string hanging out. It’s from this string that the practitioner begins to dangle weights. Just like weightlifting for any part of the body, one starts out slow and increases as the vagina strengthens.

In fact…there are celebrities & vagina weightlifting champions!

People engage in vagina weightlifting to strengthen the vagina, to address a weak pelvic floor and to increase sexual performance/pleasure.

Vagina Weightlifting Champions – 

Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Novosibirsk, Russia has a vagina of steel! Not literally of course.

Tatyana was inspired to strengthen her vagina after she had her children. I can relate to this!

She felt that things just “weren’t the same down there and “through the practice of vagina weightlifting…she can lift 31 pounds and holds the Guinness World Record for the strongest vagina in the world.”

Tatyana also has a website where she discusses her practice and provides educational information. She also the wooden yoni style eggs she uses for weightlifting & provides tips & information about how she achieved her success!

Tatyana Kozhevnikova vagina weightlifting

Kim Anami

If you search the internet you’ll more than likely come across another Vagina Weightlifting star, Kim Anami. The term Goddess would be more appropriate.

Kim not only practices “Vaginal Kung Fu” but remarks that the practice has led her to achieve 20 orgasms in a row, lift 10lbs with her vagina and various other objects including a coconut and a surfboard.

Possibly the most visually well-known vagina weightlifting star, she sells courses on her website and you can purchase a jade egg and starter kit for $299 in her store and find courses and training to “expand your vaginal and orgasmic repertoire.” Sounds good to me!

kim anami vagina weightlifting

Overall physical fitness

While these superstars clearly have very strong vaginas…you will also notice that they are in great physical condition too. This is where I thought I’d start with my vagina strengthening and I really began buckling down and doing the 45-50 minutes of cardio I always plan on doing…but sometimes don’t because life gets in the way.

Next, the vagina weightlifting trails start.

Finding my egg

While I admire Tatyana for using a wooden egg…I just couldn’t get over the idea of having splinters in my vagina or brush burn.

So, I went with Kim’s choice and I found a set of Yoni Eggs. The Yoni Eggs are pre-drilled and have a hole for hanging a cord. I purchased unwaxed dental floss that the company recommended and thought I’d give it a go.

The eggs recommended boiling them first so I stared there.

Making mistakes early on

First, I inserted the yoni egg and found a comfortable spot for it. I initially feared that they would go up too high and get lost but it seems to sit not too far inside my vaginal canal. Fear #1 conquered.

With the string conveniently hanging nearly between my knees…I decided to start hanging objects. I quickly realized that having a few small weights would have been helpful…but I started trying different items anyway.

I started small and did fine. I was squeezing my vagina but really didn’t feel any weight. So, I moved to a larger object. After a few seconds of standing/squeezing the damn thing just came flying out. My yoni egg flew across the bathroom floor and behind the toilet.

Back into boiling water.

Next, I decided to find an object that was easy to egg and consistently the same weight.


At first I wondered if lube would help insert the yoni egg. After having it slide out against my attempts to hold it in place…I realized that lube would be a terrible idea. If I had to use some…I’d put the tiniest amount needed in order to avoid creating a slip and slide situation with my vagina.

Setting a goal

I decided to practice once a day for 30 repetitions, squats squeezing the egg with my vagina. With the heavier weight, I do 10 reps. Over time I hope to increase this but for now…I’m just happy to be increasing my vagina strength at all!

Who doesn’t want more/better orgasms and a stronger pelvic floor?!

My suggestions from personal experience:

  • Get the right size yoni egg & care for it properly
  • Start slow
  • Practice consistently
  • Commit to strengthening your vagina
  • When in doubt, consult your practitioner before starting

I’ll be sure to update you on my progress. Have you tried Vagina Weightlifting?

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Disclosure: This post is for information purposes only and makes no attempt to diagnose or treat any condition. While I am an Occupational Therapist I am not your Occupational Therapist. Please visit your practitioner for individual recommendations.


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