The TAMPAX Menstrual Cup – Say What?!

The TAMPAX Menstrual Cup – Say What?!

When I saw someone post on Facebook asking about the Tampax menstrual cup, I thought it was a joke. Why? Reusable menstrual cups are to tampons what vinegar is to roundup. The much more effective, environmentally friendly and easier to use product that won’t lace you with chemicals when you use it.

To my surprise, it is not a joke. I found the Tampax cup on Amazon! I literally wondered the other day when a tampon brand would feel the financial impact from menstrual cups on their wallet and jump on the train. That day is today!

You know the tide is turning when even a tampon maker admits that tampons are terrible… details below:

tampax menstrual cup

Yes, this is real. Tampax is now marketing a reusable menstrual cup. On Amazon, there is information including that the cup will launch October 22, 2018 and is now available for preorder.

They’re here! Read my full Tampax Menstrual Cup Review Here.

The Tampax menstrual cup comes in two sizes, regular and heavy flow, and is produced by the hygiene giant Proctor and Gamble.

If you are new to reusable menstrual cups you should know that a cup collects your flow instead of absorbing and is not drying like a tampon. With practice, a menstrual cup is to fold and easy to insert, extremely comfortable and unlike tampons…is a purchase that lasts years and years. They are environmentally-friendly, chemical-free and don’t release toxins into your body like disposable products can inside of your vagina.

TAMPAX Menstrual Cup Features:

  • Available in single cup or double pack
  • Double pack (seen here) includes one Regular flow menstrual cup, one Heavy flow menstrual cup, one carrying case and ten wipes.
  • “Ships in a beautiful, discreet box that includes a free trial of ALWAYS Thin” Disposable Daily Liners.
    • Update 10/22/18 These seem to have been removed from the package or at least I didn’t get any with my kit.
  • A menstrual cup that’s designed to be more comfortable for more body types
  • Co-designed with a female OB-GYN
  • Soft Curve shape for a snug, soft fit that reduces pressure on your bladder
  • Wear for up to 12 hours so you don’t have to watch the clock
  • Proctor & Gamble Product

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When Proctor & Gamble purchased Tampax in 1997 (1) I’m certain they didn’t see the shift towards reusable menstrual cups.

My feelings are mixed.

On one hand I’m excited because I know the company will get the Tampax menstrual cup to market quickly. I also hope that it available to menstrual cup users who, before this release, had a hard time finding a cup other than the Diva in stores.

I imagine that the Tampax cup will be accessible for individuals who don’t have a credit card, bank account and/or PayPal and internet access. If it is sold in the same location as the brand’s tampons…it will be available all over including pharmacies, big box stores, convenient stores and even gas stations. It’s Currently available on Amazon.

On the other hand, Tampax seems to have missed the reusable and chemical-free message by including disposable wipes and disposable panty liners with undisclosed ingredients, chemicals and fragrances. There also appears to be a lot of packaging.

Also, let’s be honest, Proctor & Gamble does not have a reputation for marketing environmentally responsible chemical-free goods. Many trees fall in the name of their toilet paper, plastic bottles pollute the oceans from Tide and shampoos etc. and they produce possibly the most popular tampon out there.

I don’t think that they’re marketing a menstrual cup because they suddenly have an Eco-conscious. I’m sure it’s because they see an opportunity to make money.

YinYang? tampax menstrual cup tampax menstrual cup

Above images are from Tampax on Amazon. I will take my own and compare this to other brands when I get the cups in my possession.

Things I do not see.

I can not find out where the cup is made, details about dimensions including length, volume and diameter and reviews!

I did contact the brand via Facebook and over the phone and was told I could not receive samples. They told me that they “already have enough bloggers.” The rep was also not sure where the cups are made.

I will update information as it becomes available and I’ll be happy to have to test this cup out but I will be unhappy about receiving the disposable products which will go unused.

From the images available now the rim looks very pronounced and not as smooth and comfortable as other brands out there. I will be able to tell when I get them in person!

Maybe Tampax/Proctor & Gamble will make a reusable pad next? We can only hope!

Preorder your cups here…and do share below if you test them out!

What do you think? 

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