Tampax Cup Needs You for Paid Design Research!

Tampax Cup announced that it’s redesigning the Tampax Cup! That’s good news for all. If you read my Tampax Cup review then you already know that I’m not a huge fan of the first version of the Tampax Cup.

Today, I received word that Tampax is redesigning the Tampax Cup for a Model 2! In addition, they are paying (I applied) $150 for current Tampax cup users (other programs too but I’m not sure how much they pay) to test out a new model and give feedback!

Plus, it says you get $50 for the first 5 people you refer who complete the study after your signup! It seems as though People can still signup after that you can still refer after the 5 but you won’t get paid for those.

Follow my referral link below to sign up to help develop the Tampax Cup 2 and read the full e-mail below! Looks like it may be USA only but I’m not 100% certain. Please comment below if you find out more info!

Apply to test out the new version & help with development here! 

new tampax cup model

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