Super Jennie Review

Super Jennie Review

I am excited to share my Super Jennie review with you! I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the cup and recently tested out both sizes. I’m also comparing the Super Jennie to the Diva and Lena cups and a few others below so you can see the size, shape and capacity differences. Take a look!

super jennie review

My menstrual cycle can be lengthy, which offers me a great opportunity to test out reusable menstrual products! I have wanted to try the Super Jennie Cup for a long time and finally got the opportunity with a great Super Jennie coupon they offered! I purchased a pack of both the large and small cup and tested them out over a 12 day span. I used the small cup on my lighter days and replaced my regular heavy-cycle cup with the Size 2 and tested them both out. Here are my findings!

Super Jennie Cup Features:

  • Available in 2 sizes
    • Size 1
      • 31.99 ml (1.08 oz)
      • Diameter 43 mm
      • Cup Height 47.5 mm
      • Cup + Stem (total length) = 62.5 mm
    • Size 2
      • 41.61 ml (1.41 oz)
      • Diameter 47mm
      • Cup Height 52mm
      • Cup + Stem (total length) = 68 mm
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Grip texture on stem
  • Stars/grip at base of cup
  • Pronounced rim
  • Available in multiple colors
    • Pink, teal, blue, clear
  • Designed for large capacity


super jennie review

super jennie review

super jennie review

super jennie review

I received these cups on the day my cycle started. I boiled them quickly and started using the small right away. I found the small to be super soft. I tried multiple folds, multiple insertion angles and positions…sitting on the toilet, standing up, standing up with my leg up etc. and just could not get it to unfold.

Are pelvic floor muscles to blame?

Many cup brands will recommend a firm cup for strong pelvic floor muscles and a soft cup like this for “weak” pelvic floor muscles. While I do practice pelvic floor exercises, I certainly don’t have a vagina of steel. I’m over 30 and have had 4 babies, someone a soft cup would be recommended for…however, crush this cup I did!

The Super Jennie eventually opened with a few tricks.

For a soft cup, the punch down fold is my go-to (it just works for me) and this, along with letting the cup open early (something I don’t recommend because it often creates an air bubble) allowed this cup to open. After it opened early, I pushed it up with my finger. I have a high cervix and even after I placed it…it made it’s way up higher! This is a slick cup like my XO Flo and it slid up higher to my cervix over time. I have a high cervix.

Despite my initial learning curve, I didn’t have any leaks and it worked well!

The size 2/large Super Jennie Cup

The Size 2 Super Jennie Cup went much more smoothly. The cup even feels firmer than the size 1 and it was much easier for me to figure out.  I used the punch down, inserted the cup, gave a small rotation and it worked right away. My only issue was at night.

I did manage to squish it and woke up to a giant leak. The night before…I was in a hurry, my kids were invading the bathroom and I should have spent more time getting it right before bed. The next day it worked well during the day.

I did try wearing this cup swimming and as I was climbing the ladder out of the pool…I felt a leak starting. This is a soft cup and if I use it, it’s not when I’m active.

Issues and difficulties

In addition to the softness causing me some grief in the beginning, the Super Jennie cups have very small vent holes compared to other brands I use. I couldn’t get them clean with my fingers (I also cut my fingernails short for cup time) and had to use a dental floss tool to get the menstrual blood out. This is not an issue at home, I have them handy for regular cup care, however, in public this was difficult because I just didn’t have one available.

I wouldn’t recommend the cups for a beginner, but I don’t think the customer who buys this cup is a beginner. I think someone finds this cup after discovering they need more capacity or want a softer cup after being poked in the vaginal wall by their Diva one too many times. Something along those lines!

super jennie review

super jennie review


 The Super Jennie size 2 or Large is a high capacity cup. This means that it can be emptied far less often on my light days and makes it around 3 hours on my high capacity cup days. Therefore, I have it next to other high volume menstrual cups that I use on my heavy days.

From left to right:

super jennie compared to diva cup, yuuki cup, lalicup

super jennie review compared to lalicup, yuuki cup, diva cup, xo flo cup

The Super Jennie Size 1/Small compares to other brands size 2 cups well. However, it has a shorter and more rounded body allowing it to hold a similar amount while not being quite as long as something like the Diva 2 but sporting a high level of softness.

Seen below from left to right:

super jennie compared to lena cup, lunette cup, diva cup

super jennie compared to diva cup, lena cup, lunette cup

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I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you tried these cups?


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