Soft Menstrual Cups

Soft Menstrual Cups

While most menstrual cups come in two sizes, small and large, their length and firmness vary greatly. Soft menstrual cups are great for menstruators who experience pain or bladder pressure with a firmer cup, those with pelvic floor muscles that are on the less strong side and people with sensitive anatomy. Or, someone who just prefers a softer cup.

Luckily, the options for soft menstrual cups are fantastic and growing! Here’s a list of soft menstrual cups to help gather them in one spot and help make your selection if you’re on the hunt for a soft menstrual cup.

soft menstrual cups

Soft menstrual cups come in a wide variety of sizes and are offered from many different brands. How do you choose? If you already have a cup and like it’s capacity and size then finding one in a softer version will be easy. If not, you can always check your cervix height and determine how long of a cup you need and order larger or smaller based on your flow and vaginal elasticity.

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Lena Sensitive

The Lena Sensitive is a really popular soft menstrual cup. Plus, the company has excellent customer service. If someone happens to get the Lena original version and finds that it’s too firm, they can contact the company and possibly get the lena sensitive at no additional cost! Available in two sizes, you can save 15% by using lena cup coupon lenamoon on Amazon.

lena sensitive

lena cup coupon


Saalt Soft Version

The Saalt Cup has quickly gained popularity amongst menstrual cup users. It’s available in two sizes and recently released in a soft version in collaboration with Put a Cup In It. In addition, you can find the saalt cup on Target shelves in many stores!

saalt cup soft

Super Jennie

The Super Jennie is well known for it’s high capacity and softness. In fact, I find that the small is so soft I can’t get it to open however, many cup users seek out this feature and love the Super Jennie for it’s easy squishability.

super jennie cup

LouLou Cup Soft

The LouLou Cup is a menstrual cup made in France and available in two firmnesses, classic (pink) and soft (turquoise). Both versions can be shipped worldwide from this shop and you can save 10% with coupon GREENVAG and you can read my full LouLou Cup review here.

loulou cup soft menstrual cup

Mermaid Cup Soft

I personally love a V-shaped menstrual cup like the Lunette cup. However, one of my favorite V-shaped cups, the Lunette Cup size 2, is on the firm side. While this is great for running because I don’t squish it and leak…for non-active or when my cervix is feeling sensitive I turn to the Mermaid Cup in Soft. Available in multiple sizes and colors, the brand is also in the process of releasing a low cervix model. Find the Mermaid Cup at this shop with free shipping if you use my link.mermaid cup soft

Sckoon Cup

The Sckoon Cup is well known for it’s softness. Available in a rainbow of colors and two sizes, this cup is not specifically marketed as a soft cup by the brand but it’s well known in the menstrual cup community to be very squishy and soft.

sckoon cup


The Organicup is a popular cup in the soft range. While also not specifically marketed as a soft cup, this brand is well known for it’s softness. Available in three sizes, small, large and mini, this cup is available in transparent only.


Not all soft menstrual cups are soft. For example, the yuuki soft rainbow is more on par with average firmness menstrual cups and doesn’t offer the same squish as the ones above. Have something to add? Feel free to comment below and check out this page for great menstrual cup coupons and cloth pad shops!



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