Should I Take My Menstrual Cup Out to Poop?

Should I Take My Menstrual Cup Out to Poop?

Like many menstrual cup users, I didn’t think about taking my cup out to poop until the time came. I was headed to the toilet when I realized that I had my menstrual cup in. On no, I thought. I wondered, should I take my menstrual cup out to poop?

When you look at our anatomy, the vagina (where your cup sits) urethra (where pee travels) and rectum (where poop travels) run close to each other. What does this mean for your menstrual cup? Read more below:

menstrual cup out to poop

A menstrual cup sits in your vagina, the space between your vulva (what you see on the outside) and your cervix at the end of your uterus. The vagina is where your cup is positioned to collect menstrual fluids and seals with your vaginal walls.

menstrual cup and pooping

In short, should I take my menstrual cup out to poop? The answer is Yes. Why? While some menstrual cup users may be able to poop with their menstrual cup in, many find out the hard way that pooping not only moves poop out of the body but also moves the menstrual cup out of you and into the toilet! Once you have dropped your menstrual cup in the toilet real panic can set in.

If you’re in public you may not have another cup or pad with you. If you’re at home, getting the cup out of the toilet may be less scary but still requires time to sterilize and get the cup ready for use. That is…if you choose to reuse it and not replace the cup. To be honest I’ve dropped it in the toilet at home and as someone who regularly cleans the toilet, I felt completely okay with boiling it and using the cup again.

Unless you are a seasoned menstrual cup user, take out the cup before you poop. The risk of having it drop into the toilet, to me, far outweighs the time it takes to remove and put the cup back in.

Even if you are a seasoned cup user who knows that the cup won’t come out, it often slides down and can move out of place and leak…requiring it to be repositioned anyway. It’s just easier to take it out.

Hand washing…

If you see me washing my hands before I go into a bathroom stall it’s because I plan on taking out my cup. I want to make sure germs from my hands don’t get on my cup and into my body. This is also true for pooping. It’s important to make sure to not touch your cup with poop on your hands before reinserting.

This can take some planning. Either you have to insert your cup before you wipe…and when your hands are still for-sure clean. Or you have to be careful when wiping to avoid getting germs from your rear onto your hands and into your vagina.

menstrual cup out to poop

In case of emergency…

I have kids and some of these stomach bugs we pick up at playgrounds and kid-friendly places are not for the weak. I always catch what my kids have after caring for them for a few days. I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is not a post where I need to warn you about TMI…

So it’s happened twice already where I suddenly realized I had the stomach bug and didn’t have time to take out my cup before hitting the toilet. Once went okay…I think having liquid pass is less likely to move the cup than something harder and solid…and the second time my cup moved and I had a big leak. I had to take it out anyway and replace it because it was just leaking.

So, in short. If I have to pick between Yes, take it out and No, leave it in, I vote Yes – take your menstrual cup out to poop!

Read everything you wanted and didn’t want to know about pooping with your menstrual cup here.

menstrual cup out to poop

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