Selena Cup Review

Selena Cup Review

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Selena Cup and I want to share my review with you. The Selena Cup is made is designed and made in Austria with medical grade silicone that comes from Munich!

I tested out the Selena Cup during my cycle and have my experience and overall opinion below. Find out if I liked this cup and see the Selena Cup compared to several well-known brands in images below.

Disclosure: I received samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own.

When I first opened the Selena Cup packages, I noticed how soft and petal-like the cups and colors present. The cups are muted and on the firm side. They pop open for me without issue and I would place it a bit higher than the firmness of my Lunette Cup but with a thicker body and more pronounced rim.

The ring stem did not appeal to me. At first, I thought it would feel stiff and uncomfortable. However, I am thrilled to report that the ring stem was very comfortable! It’s easy to grasp and is positioned in a way that it did not touch my vaginal walls or provide a poking sensation when I sat like some cups can.

Let’s start with cup features.

Selena Cup Features Include:

  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large
    • Small – Volume: 21,00 ml / Diameter: 39 mm / Total Cup Length (Cup + Stem): 58 mm
    • Medium – Volume: 26,12 ml / Diameter: 42 mm / Total Cup Length (Cup + Stem): 62 mm
    • Large –  Volume: 33,71 ml / Diameter: 45 mm / Total Cup Length (Cup + Stem): 67 mm
  • Made with medical grade silicone from Germany
  • Designed & developed in Austria
  • Made in Poland
  • Free from chemicals, plasticizers, latex. proteins, phthalates, alkyphenol, PVA and BPA
  • Comes with: Cleaning container & cotton bag (see photo below)
  • Ridges at base of cup for grip
  • Ring stem for easy insertion and removal
  • Two colors: Pink and Clear
  • Available in an Active firmness
    • I have a sample in the small and it is noticeably more firm than the small regular

selena cup review

selena cup review

selena cup review

Selena Cup Review Large Cup Comparison Below – From left to right:

  • Selena Cup Large
  • Lunette Cup Large
  • Lena Cup Large
  • Diva Cup Large

 selena cup compared to the lunette cup, diva cup, lena cup

selena cup compared to the lunette cup, diva cup, lena cup

Selena Cup Review Medium Cup Comparison Below – from left to right:

  • Selena Cup Medium
  • Lunette Cup Small
  • Lena Cup Small
  • Diva Cup Small

selena cup compared to the lunette cup, diva cup, lena cup

selena cup compared to the lunette cup, diva cup, lena cup

Selena Cup Review Small Cup Comparison – Below – From left to right

selena cup compared to meluna cup, miu cup, lalicup

selena cup compared to meluna cup, miu cup, lalicup

selena cup review

My experience with the Selena Cup:

For my review I primarily used the Selena Cup Medium and Large.

The Medium is comparable to many small sizes from other brands and the large to the large. Where the Selena Cup adds an additional size is with their small cup. I have it compared to several other smaller cups above so you can see the difference in volume and diameter.

This is a firm cup so it popped open easily. I usually use the punch down fold and this cup opened really nicely. I never once wondered if it was open! I couldn’t even twist the cup, it’s that firm but I could feel that it was open.

The rim took me a little time to get used to. I wore the Medium the first two days of my cycle and I definitely felt the rim. My cervix can be sensitive after I had my children. I had some cramping this cycle and wasn’t sure if it was related, but decided to go to a softer backup. I switched to a softer cup, the Loulou Cup, which is much softer and felt noticeably better.

I went back to the large Selena Cup on day 4 and even slept with it in! I didn’t feel the cramping and believe I adjusted to the firmness and shape. Unlike my high-capacity Super Jennie cup, I didn’t crush this one and wake up with massive leaks in the morning.

I continued switching sizes as needed for flow and, after a few days, I adjusted to the firmness and didn’t notice the rim at all and had my cramping subside. Not sure if the cramping was related.

I even wore this cup swimming and due to the firmness, I knew it wouldn’t fold or crush with my movements.

I had zero menstrual cup leaks outside of leftover blood in the canal.

selenacup menstrual cup coupon

Overall opinion:

The Selena Cup adds a nice option for menstruators looking for a more firm silicone cup. The sizing options are great. The ring stem is comfortable and easy to use and as this cup grows in popularity it will be available at many retailers.

Where to buy the Selena Cup. Currently, this cup is not available from a US retailer. You can go right to the Selena Cup website and get 10% off with code GREENVAGINA. I did ask one of my affiliates to look into carrying the cups because I know she ships WW and has great customer service! I will update this post with retailers as they emerge.

selena cup review

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