Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Menstrual Discs + Coupons

Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Menstrual Discs + Coupons

A few months ago I rested a reusable menstrual disc designed for mess-free period sex and I’m not alone.  As word spreads about the toxic nature of disposable products and the many benefits to reusable menstrual discs they are growing in popularity.

A Reusable Menstrual Disc is a great way to have a comfortable menstrual cycle. Unlike other forms of reusable menstrual cups, a menstrual disc sits up high in the fornix and doesn’t have an uncomfortable stem. The capacity of a menstrual disc is high meaning that you can often go a long time before emptying and reinserting it, especially if you have a light flow.

What reusable menstrual discs are on the market? Here’s what’s available and where to get them!

reusable menstrual disc

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If you’re familiar with the plastic disposable softcup/softdisc or flex disc you may have already heard of reusable menstrual discs. These discs are designed to be inserted into the vagina back end first and then pushed up behind your pubic bone and sit in the fornix above the vaginal canal. I personally find them comfortable, easy to use and even high enough up that they don’t move around when I exercise indoors.

A reusable menstrual disc is easy to care for. Just like a reusable menstrual cup they can be reused and reinserted for your entire menstrual cycle. It may need to be emptied more often on heavy days and less on lighter days with many people wearing them for up to 12 hours.

Made of medical grade silicone, a menstrual disc does not provide a great place for bacteria to grow and as long as you wash your hands well and follow manufacturer’s instructions for disinfecting, often just with a boil, a reusable menstrual disc can last years and years.

menstrual disc fornix

Current reusable menstrual discs include:

The Ziggy Cup

The Ziggy Cup, technically a disc and not a cup, is made by Intimina and possibly the most well-known reusable menstrual disc on the market. Promising mess-free period sex, the ziggy cup features a more firm rim with a nearly paper-thin body that folds and collapses easily.

Ready my full Ziggy Cup Review

Retailing for $39.99
Holds 76mls
2.95 x 2.56 in (74.9 x 65mm)

The best price I can find on the Ziggy Cup is from Amazon USA & with coupon code GREENVAG for 10% off at this shop for Worldwide shipping. It’s priced similar on the brand’s website but the brand wants $9.90 shipping USD on top of cup cost!

ziggy cup

The Lumma Disc

The Lumma Disc is increasing in popularity because unlike the Ziggy Cup, it’s available in soon to be three sizes! While some find the Ziggy Disc to be too long, the Lumma offers a mini disc that fits amaller anatomy better.

Currently available in the regular and mini. However, Lumma just announced that they are adding a stem (can be removed) to help with removal and a 3rd size! I have tried both the regular and mini and find them more comfortable than the ziggy with a softer cushier rim and less paper thin body.

Get the lumma disc from this shop with coupon code THEGREENVAG to save 5% and I’m told the conversion works out in the favor of USA & Canadian customers.

lumma disc menstrual disc

lumma disc menstrual disc


The Nixit Menstrual Disc

The newest menstrual disc to market is the Nixit cup. The Nixit menstrual cup, also technically a disc, recently released and…while I don’t personally have a sample…is reported to be softer than the Ziggy and offers the ridged rim without the contour shape to the cup.

With colorful advertising, the Nixit is currently only available on the brand’s website and customers can choose their favorite box color for this one-size disc.

Also available in one-size

Retailing for $49.99
Capacity 70mls
Diameter 2.76in (70mm)

nixit cup nixit disc

What’s the drawback?

Finding the right fit can be challenging and if you are used to a standard menstrual cup getting a menstrual disc in is a new process. I personally put it in backside first and then push the front end up behind my pubic bone.

Messy removal…

To remove a menstrual disc I pull down on the front of the cup, reverse how I inserted it, and it simply dumps all over my hand. Now, this isn’t an issue when I’m home or near a sink…but I wouldn’t want to do this in a public bathroom without a sink nearby.

Luckily, the discs have a high capacity and the need to empty them on the go can be calculated or may not even need to occur. Just like all cups, everyone may have their own unique individual experience.

Unsure? You can always try a disposable disc like the flexit or softdisc to see if a disc is right for your anatomy and you!

Have you tried a reusable menstrual disc?


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