Merula XL Review – The Ultimate High Capacity Menstrual Cup?

Merula XL Review – The Ultimate High Capacity Menstrual Cup?

As someone with a heavy flow 2-3 days out of my cycle, I quickly realized that the capacity of my regular menstrual cup wasn’t enough. I started searching for a high-capacity menstrual cup and found that there are several on the market!

While there are a few brands who make a menstrual cup upwards of 38mls in capacity, a standard large cup is typically around 30, the Merula XL breaks the mold with a 50ml capacity!

I’ve been testing out this cup for the past few months and will share details with you!

merula xl review

I use both cloth pads and menstrual cups. I have whole cycles where I wear all pads and rarely use a cup and I have cycles where I mostly use a cup and just a few pads. My activities and my ability to get to and store supplies is a big factor. For example, on a heavy flow day if I have to run errands I’d rather use a high capacity menstrual cup that I don’t need to tend to when I’m out rather then pads and deal with gushing. If I’m home I may use mostly pads.

I quickly realized that I can fill a 30ml cup quickly on a heavy flow day and started looking for something larger. I’ve tested out many high capacity menstrual cups including the Yuuki size 2, LaliCup large, XO Flow large, Merula Classic and the Super Jennie Large.

I couldn’t wait to test out the Merula XL.

Merula XL details:

  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended for medium to high cervix height
  • Available currently in colors:
    • Midnight (black)
    • Strawberry (pink)
    • Fox (orange)
  • Diameter: 46 mm / 1.81 in
  • Adjustable ladder length:
    • length from the 1st ring: 72 mm / 2.84 in.
    • length from the 2nd ring: 61 mm / 2.40 in.
  • Cup body length (without stem): 50 mm / 1.97 in.
  • Volume/capacity to the top edge: 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz
  • No vent holes
  • Very smooth body
  • Firm but squishy silicone body
  • Can be worn up to 12 hours
  • Recommended cleaning = boiling 5 minutes with a “pinch of vinegar”

merula XL review

merula XL review

merula XL review

merula XL review

How does the Merula XL compare to other high capacity menstrual cups?

From left to right:

merula XL review

merula XL review

Overall Impression

If I need to have my cup last a number of hours on a high capacity day this is the cup I go with! I do recommend it with a few notes.

At first, I thought, there is no way I’ll fit this whole thing in my vagina. I mean, I’ve had 4 babies but…every so often I find a cup size intimidating. However, it wasn’t as large as I expected, I dove in, used a punch down fold and find it to be comfortable to wear! The silicone feels a bit spongy and isn’t too firm nor too soft.

I do have to note that this cup seems to be unforgiving. For example. This morning I put in my Lunette size 2 and I couldn’t get the rim completely open. I swiped around it with my finger, pushed the side of my vaginal wall and nothing. However, I knew that if I walked around a bit it would pop open and a few moments later it did!

The Merula XL doesn’t do this for me. If I don’t get it in right the first time I have leaks. For this reason, I make sure to spend time ensuring that the rim is open. My cervix is pointed inside the cup and not off to the side and the cup isn’t still partially folded at the rim.

Like the Merula Classic, this cup can feel closed or suctioned but it opens up as it fills and as long as the top is open and unfolded it works really well for me and fits around my cervix. Merulas tend to fit like a little cervix beanie as one friend put it or like a little hug for your cervix.

How long can I go before emptying?

This is really a gem. I can typically go around 4 hours with other high-capacity menstrual cups and maybe 2 with a traditional large menstrual cup (30 mls). However, I have gone for almost 8 hours with the Merula XL! I left it in a few times just to see if I could wait until it leaked…and nope. I took it out before bed just to see how high the level was and I wasn’t even up at the rim!

Where to purchase a Merula XL (my affiliates):

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merula xl compared to merula classic

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