Merula Cup Review

Merula Cup Review

The Merula cup is a unique and intriguing menstrual cup made in Germany out of 100% medical grade silicone. The Merula cup was originally founded by Merle-Marie Forstmann when she first heard of menstrual cups in 2011 and dove into designing the Merula in 2012.

The Merula Cup is available in the classic and the Merula XL. I have been testing these cups for the Merula Cup Review the past few months and want to share my experience and thoughts with you. While typically recommended in cup chat groups for low cervix users, as a high cervix cup user I’ve found this cup to be comfortable and great to wear after some trial and error.

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merula cup review

Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

The first thing you notice about the Merula cup is the ball-like shape of the cup itself and the attached ladder stem. This stem can be left on the cup in it’s entirety or removed down to the cup itself for lower cervix users or persons who just don’t want the stem at all.

The Merula Cup is available in the classic one size, seen here, and also an XL. I have been testing out the Merula XL as well and initially thought I could put them in the same article but have decided to split up the reviews.

Before holding this cup in my hands I thought it was huge. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by it’s size & shape. In photos online it appeared really large to me and I saw a negative video review. However, I wanted to give it a try to have a personal comparison and review. Here it goes!

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Take a look at my sample below:

merula cup review

merula cup review

My experience using the Merula Cup

My first month using the Merula I had some difficulties. I could not get the top of the cup to pop open and tried multiple folds and tricks. I watched Red Herring’s video and used her recommendation to turn the punch down side to the back once inserted to allow the cup to open and still could not get the cup to open.

I also noticed that if I did get the cup to open it was pinched closed. I later learned that this was a non-issue but I worried that I had suctioned it to my cervix and that it would not collect. Turns out, it collects fine in this state as well as when it opens during wear.

The next cycle I had more luck…and by the 3rd cycle with the Merula Cup I felt like a pro. I use the punch down fold and turn the cup as I’m inserting it into position. It’s often squeezed together when I initially insert it but when I go to remove the cup it’s open and collecting.

The ladder stem is very comfortable for me. I place so it’s facing forward flat and have to reach in for the last ring to remove it. This stem also makes it easy to know when I’ve turned it to put the punch down fold towards the back because the ladder must turn and face forward flat because I inserted the other side flat facing forward.

I have no leaks with the Merula Cup aside from whatever may be left in my vaginal canal from removal, insertion and periods where I use pads.

I have a high cervix and this cup, much like other smooth cups, sneaks up high on me. I do not experience any bladder pressure or issues peeing with this cup but I did need to get used to the rounded sensation of the cup base. Typically I wear a tapered cup like the Lunette 2 or Yuuki cup and the ball-like base of the cup was new to my interior.

Firm cup?

The Merula is considered to be a firm cup. However, for me, it doesn’t behave as one. The firm cups I have pop open very easily and can even provide uncomfortable sensation at or near my cervix. The Merula takes convincing to open and does not irritate my cervix.

The silicone also has a soft and squishy feel to it, not the hard feeling I have from the firm cups in my cup-collection.

The capacity of this cup is excellent. 

I have 2-3 very heavy days and typically use a heavy flow cup. Most companies “Large” menstrual cup goes up to 30 mls. This cup is 38! I am thrilled to have gone just over 4 hours before needing to empty this cup on a heavy day! I can wear the Merula XL longer but that’s a whole separate review.

The suction. 

The Merula Cup does not have suction holes and I have wondered a few times if having holes would make this cup easier to insert and remove.

Breaking the seal of the Merula can be tricky for me and because it goes up high I have to pull down on the cup’s ladder and then pinch the base of the cup. I have the most luck pushing in on one side and nearly folding the cup the way I did when inserting it.

While I can’t reach it at the top, I believe that this cup allows my cervix to sit inside and I have feared that I am actually pinching my cervix inside of the cup…and make sure to pull down on it to lower it away from my cervix just in case.

How the Merula Cup compares to other brands. 

This was an important part to me to include…so you can see the size next to other brands. I personally was surprised at how small it looked in person compared to how large I imagined it was. Take a look below first at the Merula Cup compared to size 1 cups, then size 2 cups and last low-cervix models.

Seen below from left to right:

merula cup compared to lunette lena diva cup

merula cup compared to lunette lena diva cup

Seen below from left to right:

merula cup compared to lunette lena diva cup

merula cup compared to lunette lena diva cup

Seen below from left to right:

merula cup compared to femmycycle meluna shorty juju low cervix

merula cup compared to femmycycle meluna shorty juju low cervix

Overall impression

I like this cup and will continue to use it in my rotation. I find the entire ladder comfortable and a must-have for my cervix height.

This cup did have a learning curve for me but I am not a quitter and 3 cycles in I feel as though I have it down and working well for my needs.

Merula Cup Features:

  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone
  • Made in Germany
  • Available in a large range of colors & colorless
  • Wider middle & more narrow at rim:
    • Diameter of the rim (outside): 40 mm / 1.575 in
    • Diameter of the belly (outside): 46 mm / 1.811 in.
  • Adjustable ladder length:
    • length from the 1st ring: 72 mm / 2.835 in.
    • length from the 2nd ring: 61 mm / 2.402 in.
    • length from the 3rd ring: 50 mm / 1.969 in.
  • Cup body length (ladder stem removed): 39 mm / 1.535 in.
  • Volume/capacity to the top edge: 38 ml / 1.285 fl oz
  • No vent holes
  • Very smooth body
  • Firm but squishy silicone body
  • Can be worn up to 12 hours
  • Recommended cleaning = boiling 5 minutes with a “pinch of vinegar”
  • More FAQ on their website.

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