Menstrual Cups for Teens

The number of menstrual cups on the market can be overwhelming. Many brands offer two sizes, a small for persons under 30 who have not given birth and/or have a light flow. The large is typically recommended for persons over 30 who have given birth and/or have a heavy flow.

Where does that leave teens?

Luckily, there are several brands that make a cup specifically for teen users and I wanted to put them all together for you!

Here are menstrual cups for teens and information about each one available.

menstrual cups for teens


Menstrual cups for teens are typically smaller in diameter than the small cups offered by different brands and often the material used is softer to avoid irritating the vagina and vulva when inserting. If you’ve tried a menstrual cup then you know it takes some trial and error and you may be most comfortable using the right size cup with the ideal firmness.

Diva Cup 0/ Diva Cup Teen

Diva cup recently released a teen version. This cup is smaller than the diva cup size 1 which, up until now, was their smallest size. While the Diva Cup Model 0/Teen cup is still about the same length as their other 2 cups, it is smaller in diameter and the one I have feels a bit softer too.

Divacup size 0: Cup volume 17 mls / Cup diameter  38 mm / Total cup length = 65.4mm (Cup body 58.4mm + Stem 7.0mm)

Menstrual cups for teens Diva Model 0

Claricup Size 0

Claricup is made by Clarpharm and Claricups are available in 4 sizes. The Claricup model 0/teen is their smallest cup and in comparison to the next two sizes, feels a little softer as well. These cups are made in France with biocompatible Anti-Microbial silicone with silver particles.

Claricup size 0: Cup volume 13.7 mls / Cup diameter 36 mm / Total cup length 71 mm

menstrual cups for teens claricup teen

MyCup Size 0

The MyCup Teen is recommended for menstruators 12-18 and the smallest of their 3 cups. MyCup is a feel-good menstrual brand because for every cup purchased they donate 1 to someone in need. In addition, “The MyCup Menstrual Cup comes in a beautiful box made from responsibly sourced cardboard, printed in vegetable inks. Included is an organic cotton storage bag and instructions for use printed on recycled paper.”

MyCup size 0: Cup volume 16.5 mls to holes, 22ms to rim / Cup diameter 38 mm / Total cup length (body 44.5 + stem 17.5) 62 mm

menstrual cups for teens MyCup model 0 teen

Hello Cup Teen

Unlike the other cups listed here, which are made from Medical silicone, The Hello Cup “…is made and designed in New Zealand using German medical grade thermoplastic elastomer, a type of plastic commonly referred to as TPE.” This is ideal for someone with a silicone sensitivity.

Hello Cup Teen: Cup volume 17.5 mls / Cup diameter 38 mm / Total cup length 57 mm

menstrual cups for teens hello cup


FemmyCycle Petite (Formerly Teen Cup)

The FemmyCycle is made in the USA with medical grade silicone and promotes an anti-spill design with a portion of the cup that folds in and out trapping fluids inside. This is the shortest cup here too because after removing the ring seen below it’s a mere 38mm in length.

FemmyCycle Petite: Cup volume 17.5 mls / Cup diameter 31 mm / Total cup length 57 mm / Cup Body (Without Ring) 38mm

menstrual cups for teens femmycycle petite


MeLuna has the most cup sizes, stem choices and firmness levels on the market! They offer a soft firmness, classic firmness and sport which is their firmest cup. In addition, they also offer a ball stem, ring stem or classic stem and colors purple, blue and clear! Their two smallest cups, one in classic length and one in short length are marketed to teen users.

MeLuna Teen Shorty: Cup volume to holes 8 mls & to rim 15 mls / Cup diameter 38 mm / Total cup length with longest stem 47 mm / Cup Body (Without stem) 35mm

MeLuna Teen Classic:  Cup volume to holes 15 mls & to rim 23 mls / Cup diameter 38 mm / Total cup length with longest stem 57 mm / Cup Body (Without stem) 45mm

cups for low cervix meluna shorty

Do teens have to use these cups?

The answer is no. A teenager may be able to use the small/size 1 from many brands and the size 2 which is designed for a heavier flow.

While these cups are marketed towards teen users anyone who would benefit from the smaller diameter can use them! Cup sizes and recommendations are often a guide but each individual person must use their own anatomical features and needs for cup choice.


Any time you make a menstrual cup smaller, diameter, length and shape…you decrease volume. These cups are smaller in size and also don’t hold as much as many of their larger models.

Getting started? Determining vaginal length/cervix height you need is a good place to start. Just looking at the cups above you can see that the DivaCup Teen is significantly longer than the FemmyCycle Petite.

Personally, as someone with a high cervix I would worry about not being able to retrieve such a short cup on my own and find length to be a key factor when making a decision about purchasing a menstrual cup.

See menstrual cup tips for beginners.


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