Menstrual Cups For High Cervix

Menstrual Cups For High Cervix

Figuring out the height of your cervix during menstruation may be the most important piece of information to have when picking out a menstrual cup. High cervix menstrual cup users face different challenges than low cervix menstrual cup users because they need varying capacity and a long enough total cup length to easily get the cup back out.

Here are some great reusable menstrual cups for high cervix:

menstrual cups for high cervix

As someone with a high cervix, I’ve had those moments where I realize that my menstrual cup has gone too high and I’ll need to resort to acrobatics to get it back out. I find that squatting down and pushing makes it easy to grab and I also use to hands: One to pinch the stem and another to sneak in and break the seal and slide the cup down.

Using a high cervix menstrual cup that has a long body or a cup with a long stem can make getting a menstrual cup out easier for someone with a high cervix because it’s easier to grasp.

Here are some great high cervix menstrual cups!

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JuJu Cup Size 3 – High Cervix Model

I really like this cup because it has been designed for someone with a high cervix! The juju cup is known for it’s crystal clear appearance and classy design. Available in 4 sizes the model 3 is targeted for high cervix cup users.

JuJu Cup Size 3: Volume 28ml / Diameter 40mm / Cup Length without stem 58mm (2.28″) / Cup Total Length (Body + Stem) 78mm (3.07 inches)

Find this cup for sale here. 

menstrual cups for high cervix juju cup size 3

Bella Cup

The Bella Cup is Made in Korea of 100% medical grade silicone and has a transparent body with frosted accents. This cup is high on my to-try list with it’s overall length including stem.

Small Bella Cup: Capacity: 20ml / Diameter: 41mm / Cup length: 48.1mm (1.89″) / Total length: 71.9mm (2.83 inches)

Large Bella Cup: Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 45.5mm / Cup length: 53.1mm (2.09) / Total length: 73.34mm (2.89 inches)

Find this cup for sale here. 

high cervix menstrual cups bella cup

Lily Cup A & B

The Lily Cup by Intimina comes in two sizes, A and B, and both cups have the same length! The difference? Cup diameter and volume. See my full Lily Cup review here and find out how my test run went! While this cup has stem and cup length listed, I really feel as though the stem is part of this cup.

Small (Model A): Volume 28 ml / Diameter: 40 mm / Length: 78 mm (3.07 inches)
Large (Model B): Volume 32 ml / Diameter: 43.5 mm / Length: 78 mm (3.07 inches)

Buy this cup here. 

lily cup menstrual cups for high cervix

Moon Cup & Keeper Cup A & B

This Made in the USA Cup company makes the Brown Keeper (rubber) and the Transparent Moon Cup (Silicone) both in a size A and size B. Both sizes have the same total length and are different in diameter only.

Small: Cup Volume: 21 mls / Diameter: 45mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 54mm (2.13″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 79mm (3.11 inches)

Large: Cup Volume: 25ml / Diameter: 46mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 54mm (2.13″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 79mm (3.11 inches)

Find the Moon Cup for sale here.

moon cup

Diva Cup A & B

The Diva Cup, possibly as well known to menstruators as Kleenex is to tissues, is also one of the lengthier cups on the market. Available at many drug stores and even Target, this cup has two sizes that are both the same length and differ in diameter alone. While this cup may not be quite as long as some of the other cups here, the length of this cup is mostly cup due to it’s funnel shape…with a very short stem making it easier to grasp from the bottom for removal.

Diva Cup Size 1: Volume 30ml / Diameter 43mm / Cup Length Without Stem (2.24) / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 67mm (2.64 inches)
Diva Cup Size 2: Volume 30 ml / Diameter 46 mm / Cup Length Without Stem (2.24) / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 67mm (2.64 inches)

Find this cup for sale here.

high cervix menstrual cups diva cup

Yuuki Cup Large

Total Length (Cup + Stem) 74mm (2.91 inches) making the size 2, also a great heavy flow menstrual cup, one of the longer ones on the market. The cup body alone is 56mm (2.20 inches).

The small Yuuki Cup is not quite as long but still comes in fairly tall. Small Yuuki Cup – Total Length (Cup + Stem) = 67mm (2.64 inches) and has a soft flexible stem.

This cup also comes in different firmness options and in two rainbow options and also transparent. You can see it compared to other cups in my Yuuki cup review here.

Find this cup for sale here. Also on Amazon.

high cervix menstrual cups yuuki cup

The Keela Cup?

The Keela Cup brought a lot of excitement to the menstrual cup world when it introduced a pull “string” removal cup. However, the design has changed quite a bit and the expected release date now pushed to September of 2018. I have asked the company for length details but as you can see from this photo snip from their website, it looks great for high cervix menstrual cup users!

did back the kickstarter and will receive both sizes when it releases. I’ll be sure to update this post with my review after I get to use the cups.

Keela Cup Size A: Volume 22 ml / Diameter 43 mm / Cup Length 46 mm / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 74 mm (2.91 inches)

Keela Cup Size B: Volume 30 ml / Diameter 46 mm / Cup Length 53 mm / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 81 mm (3.19 inches)

keela cup high cervix menstrual cups

Newly Released Ultu Cup

The Ultu cup was released in 2018! Made in the USA with supreme quality silicone, this cup will have you thinking that they fixed everything you thought was off about the Diva. The flexible rounded stem, low-cervix option and not too soft/not too firm silicone. Like the Diva, the model 1 and model 2 are the same length with different diameters and the model 2 holding 10 ml more than the model 1.

Currently for sale on Amazon.

Ultu Cup Size 2: Volume 30 ml / Diameter 42 mm / Cup Length 62.2 mm (2.45″) / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 70mm / 2.75″

Ultu Cup Size 2: Volume 40 ml / Diameter 46 mm / Cup Length 62.2 mm (2.45″) / Total Length (Cup + Stem) 70mm / 2.75″

mm (3.19 inches) made in the usa menstrual cups ultucups

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