Tips For Buying Menstrual Cups on Amazon – Finding a Reputable Shop

Can You Buy Reputable Menstrual Cups on Amazon?

Buying menstrual cups on Amazon can be a gamble. While there are many reputable shops on Amazon, there are shops jumping on the menstrual cup bandwagon looking to make quick money selling less than great cups. How do you tell the difference?

Here are tips for buying menstrual cups on Amazon.

menstrual cups amazon

There are so many products for sale on Amazon and the list keeps growing! I’ve ordered items and found that they took weeks to arrive and were shipped right from overseas. Some shops have found that it’s easy to skip the middle person. They can manufacture a product and list it on Amazon, sell items for low prices while avoiding having a brick and mortar store, much regulation and avoid the costs of having their own storefront online.

While this is great for many shops, especially those who want fast access to shoppers in the USA and abroad, it’s not always great for buyers. Many of these items skip the regulations and quality standards that big menstrual cup companies go through to build a reputation and product quality menstrual cups.

How do you find a reputable menstrual cup on Amazon?

Tip 1 – Look at the shop, not just the listing!

Luckily, many high-quality menstrual cup brands have their own websites plus storefronts right on Amazon! this makes it easy to get fast shipping and use gift cards for Amazon menstrual cups!

These are screenshots from my search today. If you look under the amazon menstrual cup listing title you can see that this cup is made by Lena and sold by Lena in their own Amazon listing!

The second cup below is both made by and sold by Lunette on Amazon too.

menstrual cups amazon


menstrual cups amazon

Tip #2 – If the price seems too good to be true…

Most of the time when I visit Amazon I’m shopping for the best price. However, when it comes to reusable menstrual cups on Amazon the price is close to what you would pay from a menstrual cup speciality store or reusable product shop.

Why? The cost of the item remains the same. Unlike a cup that has flown under regulations and quality standards, shipping straight from a factory, these cups still have a team of costs and expenses behind them. It’s one of the reasons they are so popular, the companies put out quality product and have things like a customer service team and website to help give you tips and troubleshoot issues.

Searching on Amazon for menstrual cups, I came across listing like 2 menstrual cups for $10.99 with 7 reviews that say “best cup ever.” I’ve never heard of the brand, they say things like “FDA approved silicone” meaning that the silicone material is approved and that they haven’t listed their cup with the FDA…and they sell many other things like anti-snore devices and have limited customer reviews. This is not something I would purchase or recommend purchasing.

Another way I check menstrual cups Amazon is by looking on an overseas wholesale website. On the site you can buy cups for as little as 15 cents each! Many, if not all of the brands say “FDA approved silicone.”

I see many cups that look identical in some of the questionable Amazon menstrual cup listings. I would not put something that they can manufacture and make profit from selling at 15 cents into my vagina.

menstrual cups amazon

Tip #3 – Don’t trust Amazon Reviews

I wish I could say that looking at Amazon reviews was reliable. However, Amazon is plagued with Amazon reviewers who get free products or reimbursement for products to leave fake reviews. My public e-mail addresses are flooded with overseas sellers offering PayPal reimbursement after I buy and leave a 5 star review for their product. It’s a broken system.

Tip #4 – Look for a shop with a good reputation and similar items

If the shop looks fairly new and is selling other things like back braces and anti-snore guards…chances are they are not menstrual cup specialists. Maybe you stumble onto the Diva Cup storefront and think, I have a friend who loves this cup! Don’t be shy, as your friend! Most cup users want to spread the love and help others find reusable menstrual supplies too.

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Tip #5 – Do research outside of Amazon

Thinking of placing your order but you need the go ahead? Google reviews for the menstrual cup from reputable websites! Can’t find an article about the cup you’re researching? Can’t even find a company website? I’d be sceptical.

Bloggers and menstrual cup advocates love shouting from the rooftops about awesome cup brands. Maybe you have discovered some new wonderful company that no one has reviewed…maybe it’s someone looking to make fast money jumping on the cup bandwagon and your cup will smell like paint when it arrives in your mailbox.

Don’t be shy – Ask friends, family and in online communities for real-person feedback and suggestions! If your menstrual cup Amazon doesn’t work out…you can always use their return policy! Look for Prime listings and check return fees and policies before ordering your cup.

Tip #6 – Don’t buy a menstrual cup from Amazon

If you’re not sure about buying a menstrual cup from Amazon, you can go right to menstrual cup speciality stores and/or right to the company!

do know that you can get reputable cups and if you have followed the tips above I’m sure you’ll end up with something worthy of your period!

However, if you want a cup specialty shop I recommend these two affiliates with worldwide shipping and a huge selection including hard to find cups: menstrual cup and feminine wear.

You can also go right to the lunette cup website and buy straight from the brand!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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