Menstrual Cup Rose Gift DIY

Menstrual Cup Rose Gift DIY

I have given out a number of reusable menstrual cups to friends and family members and I always wonder how I should present the cup. Do I wrap it? Place it in a gift bag with other goodies? While handing a friend a stack of reusable liners and her first cup spontaneously, I would like to have better presentation.

Maybe you are gifting a cup to a friend, relative or partner. Menstrual cups are special and can be an investment. Why not give the gift of reusable menstrual care in a beautiful way? I love gifting cloth pads as Holiday tree ornaments, why not a cup gift idea too? Plus, what a great surprise! Here I got you a rose…with that menstrual cup you’ve been eyeing?! Awesome. Yes.

menstrual cup rose gift

For this project I used the Yuuki Rainbow size 2 and the Mermaid Cup size 2 (this cup is available in different firmness levels, colors and sizes). I picked these cups because the red matched with the red rose really well and the rainbow cup is a highly sought after cup because the colors are great.

Supply List:

  • Rose ($2.49 at Michaels)
  • Floral Tape (Under $3)
  • Menstrual Cup (Various prices)
  • Vase (Upcycled: I used a mineral water bottle here because I love blue glass)

I found the roses at Michaels for $2.49 and the floral tape for under $3 too. To my surprise, the floral tape isn’t sticky. I thought I’d have to wrap the cup to protect it first but the tape seems to only stick to itself and not leave a residue on the cup.

First, start off by removing the flower from the stem. These pulled right off and I saved them to put back on later.

Second, cut a length of floral tape a few inches long. It’s easy to tear.

Third, use the tape to tightly wrap the cup to the stem. I used a second piece to reinforce under the cup so it stood upright and to secure the first piece to the stem.

Fourth, Place in vase!

I found that starting the tape on the stem before I put the cup on was helpful because it’s not very sticky. Both cups even needed a second piece of tape to reinforce the base of the cup and help it stand upright and the Yuuki was heavier than the mermaid.

Skill level: I don’t consider myself to be a highly crafty person and found this easy to do with just a bit of difficulty with smoothing out the tape…so I would say easy!

menstrual cup rose gift

menstrual cup rose gift

menstrual cup rose gift

menstrual cup rose gift

(Pinterest Image Below)

menstrual cup rose gift

menstrual cup rose gift

menstrual cup rose gift

(Pinterest image below)

Tips for making the menstrual cup rose DIY

So the Mermaid Cup has a solid stem and needed to be held next to the rose stem and wrapped that way. The Yuuki Size 2 has a hollow stem so it fit right inside of the flower stem. This made it slide off and needed to really be squeezed to get it to stay on. I also used a second piece of tape to make sure it was wrapped around the first piece and secured to the stem below it.

You could do this with any cup and even a cup set since these floral stems have 2 buds. This cold even be one flower in a dozen roses!

The flowers can also be left in the vase after you put the bud back on and since it’s a fake flower…it can last forever! I did not test this with live flowers but if you try please let everyone in the comments below!

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