Measuring Cervix Height for Reusable Menstrual Cup

Measuring cervix height for reusable menstrual cup

Measuring cervix height for menstrual cup may be the most important information you have when picking out a cup! When I first started researching menstrual cups, I wasn’t sure what to make of the measurements each company lists. I’m still amazed by the number of cups available and the different shapes, sizes and brands.

Why are the sizes important? Because women are different sizes internally. This is why many companies recommend that you measure your cervix before purchasing a cup to ensure that you get the right size. How is this accomplished?

Your cervix height matters for menstrual cup use

On most reusable menstrual cup websites, there is a brief description or picture explaining how you use your finger to measure cervix height for menstrual cup. Well, technically it doesn’t have to be your finger…it could be a partner. The general consensus is that a low cervix can reach one knuckle, a medium or average can reach the middle knuckle and a high can reach the base knuckle or above.

This information is semi-accurate

Just like cervix heights differ, so do finger lengths. I know my husband’s hand is way bigger then my hand and I’m sure this is true for others too. Maybe I can reach the base knuckle on my hand but the middle on his. Well now I need an experiment!

Semi-accurate is okay. This measurement gives a general idea about cervix height and is not meant to be scientific. However, to increase accuracy you could always measure your finger before and after checking cervix height to be even closer to your exact measurement.

Why a finger?

Most menstrual cup websites say to use a clean finger and gentle measurement. Obviously, don’t go poking your cervix or jabbing a long fingernail into your vaginal wall. Ouch, that hurts thinking about it! Unlike a special tool, a finger is something most of us have around and ready for measurement in a flash.

If you have a dildo or vibrator you insert regularly I’m sure you could make that work too, especially if you’re not crazy about using your finger or as I mentioned above, have long finger nails.

measuring cervix height for reusable menstrual cup

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measuring cervix height for reusable menstrual cup

measuring cervix height for reusable menstrual cup

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measuring cervix height for reusable menstrual cup

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Differences in cervix height

Just like people are bigger, smaller, shorter and taller…so are our vaginal lengths and distance to the cervix. While this is not a completely scientific process, fingers come in different sizes too, it does give a general idea about cervix height. To be 100% sure of the measurement, you can find your cervix and then measure your finger or get measured by your OB or midwife if that’s a service they provide.

Your cervix is typically lower around menstruation time and during your period. It’s important to take the measurement of cervix height for a menstrual cup right before or during your cycle to be most accurate.

What to do with this information

Once you have a general idea about your cervix height, you can look at cup length from a whole new perspective. A cup that is longer than your cervix height around menstruation will probably stick out of your vagina and be visible from your vulva. Maybe even uncomfortable. A cup that is shorter then your cervix height should be completely inside during menstruation but one that is too short for a high cervix may be hard to get out without pushing like you’re giving birth or having someone lend a helping hand.

Knowing your cervix height will help you select the right length cup for you!

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