Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

Cervix height changes throughout your cycle and many find that it’s at it’s lowest position during menstruation. Menstruators with a low cervix can find the reusable menstrual cup serach frustrating. While many brands offer two sizes in diameter, pre-baby under 30 and post-baby or over 30, there are many different cup lengths.

Finding the right length is important because you don’t want the cup to be so short that you can’t get it out and you also don’t want one so long that it sticks out of your vaginal canal. If you have a low cervix, see my guide for measuring cervix height, you are probably searching for a short cup that fits inside and holds the necessary volume for your flow.

Here are some Menstrual cups specifically made Low Cervix Menstrual Cups to consider:

menstrual cups for low cervix

While many brands claim that their smaller size menstrual cups are ideal for low cervix, when you move to the smaller cup, you also moving to a smaller diameter. These cups are not truly designed for low cervix.

There are cups on the market that have specifically been designed for low cervix users. You can choose size, and the length of the cup stays the same!

Here are a few available now. Post contains affiliate links.

1.MeLuna Shorty Low Cervix Cups

MeLuna Shorty Cups have the same features as their classic cups, but come in a shorter length. The MeLuna Shorty comes in S, M, L and XL and in a variety of stems! Truly designed for a low cervix user, the options here are ideal for users with varying preferences and needs.

In addition to the wide range of sizes, these cups are also available in the classic firmness and the sport line which is ideal for users with a stronger pelvic floor.

MeLuna Shorty Clear Ring Stem Below

cups for low cervix meluna shorty

MeLuna Shorty Sapphire Ball Stem Below

cups for low cervix meluna shorty

MeLuna Shorty Amythyst with Classic Stem Below

cups for low cervix meluna shorty

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2. FemmyCycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

FemmyCycle is well known for their clear round menstrual cups with the no-spill feature. Their cups are offered in both their standard model and a low cervix version.

However, the company reports that the low cervix version is ideal for users who can insert their finger to the second knuckle, at period time, but they do not recommend it for someone with what they refer to as a very low cervix or lower than 2 knuckles or less than 2 inches.

The FemmyCycle Low Cervix measures 2″ long or 50.8mm, compared to the regular model with is 2.4″  and reports that their “teen” is 10% smaller. While this is generally a shorter cup, it’s not quite as low as the MeLuna shorty cups seen above.

FemmyCycle Low cervix:

Volume: 30ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 43mm (1.69″) / Total Length (Cup + Stem): 50mm (1.96″)

femmycycle low cervix

Find international shipping for this cup here. 

3. Formoonsa Cup

The Formoonsa Cup is manufactured in Taiwan and is the first ever menstrual cup brand from Taiwan. The company reports that “the dimensions are specifically tailored and designed to fit the Asian woman’s body.”

While not being a true low cervix cup, The Formoonsa Cup comes in 3 sizes and the cup length is in the 50’s excluding the portion that flips open for cleaning and emptying.

Small: For practice or ligh blood flow
Capacity: 10ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 55mm / Total length: 70mm

Medium: For woman 30 years of age and younger or low blood flow
Capacity: 20ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 54mm / Total length: 73mm

Large: For woman 30 years of age and older, high blood flow, or prior natural delivery experience
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 48mm / Cup length: 52mm / Total length: 73mm

formoonsa cup low cervix

Find this Cup for sale Here

4. Merula Cup

The Merula Cup has been increasing in popularity because it’s both low cervix and has a large capacity. The cup length with the ladder removed is a mere 39mm but this cup can hold 38mls! That’s 8 more mls than standard cups like the Diva size 2.

However, some users have reported that it feels bulky and/or is not as comfortable as other models. This, like all menstrual cups, is personal preference and dependent on your anatomy.

See my full Merula Cup review here.

low cervix merula cup

low cervix merula cup

5. JuJu Cup Size 4 Low Cervix

The JuJu cup comes in 4 sizes, with size 4 being their low cervix model. This crystal clear cup features great butterfly details at the base for grips and is “made in Australia from a flexible, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone.”

JuJu Cup Model 4 features include:

Capacity to holes 23ml & to brim 32ml / Total Cup Length: 50mm / Cup Length excl. stem 40mm / Cup Diameter: 48mm

Find this cup here. 

juju cup size 4 low cervix menstrual cup

6. UltuCup Low Cervix Menstrual Cup

The recently launched UltuCup comes in 3 sizes including a low cervix menstrual cup! This made in the USA brand promoted 3 different cups including this low cervix model with a cup length (stem removed) of 2.07″ to fit a shorter vaginal canal. Made with the same diameter as their model 1 or smaller cup,  medical grade silicone and FDA registered. Find this on Amazon.

UltuCup Mini/Low Cervix:
Volume: 25 ml / Diameter: 42 mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 52.5 mm (2.07″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 60 mm (2.37″)

low cervix menstrual cups ultucup mini

Using a standard cup that’s not designed for low cervix but it’s working for you? I’ve spoken to many menstruators who use a few tricks, including turning the cup inside out, but some manufacturers don’t recommend using the cup this way.

7. Menstrual Discs (Ziggy, Lumma, Nixit etc.)

While not considered “cups,” some low cervix menstrual cup users have luck with a reusable menstrual disc! There are several available and you can see reusable menstrual discs and read more about them in this article. You can always try a disposable disc like a flex disc or softdisc first to see if you like them before committing to a reusable one too.

ziggy cup

feminine wear coupon menstrual cup coupon

What’s your favourite low cervix cup? 

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