DivaCup has Quietly Released a Model 0 and I have one!

DivaCup has Quietly Released a Model 0 and I have one!

If you’re familiar with DivaCup, you know they have a Model 1 and a Model 2. Traditionally, the Model 1 is the small Diva and the Model 2 is the large Diva.

Everything has changed! DivaCup has quietly placed the Diva Model 0 / DivaCup Model Teen size on store shelves and people are noticing! What size is it? How does the DivaCup teen compare to the Diva Model 1 and Model 2? Read more below!

divacup model 0 diva 0

How did I get a DivaCup Model 0?

DivaCup has quietly placed a DivaCup Model 0 or DivaCup Model teen size on shelves in Canada and I have a good friend who not only went and bought one for me (I send PayPal) but also went to the post and shipped it across lines to the USA! Otherwise known as a cup fairy. You can read her blog here.

I have been watching Diva’s website for details…but still don’t see the DivaCup Model 0 on the Diva website itself or at retailers including some of my affiliates. I imagine it’s a task to update such a large site…but I wanted to share some info and visuals just in case you are out shopping, see the Diva 0 and wonder if it’s the right size for you!

While it’s not on the DivaCup website yet…I did find the DivaCup Model 0 on the FDA website and also a DivaCup Teen Size under the company listing. DivaCup has a teen cup? Yes, here it is!

DivaCup 0 / DivaCup Teen Features Include:

  • Made in Canada
  • For menstrual cup users age 18 and under
  • Measurement lines on the Diva Size 0 at 15 ml and 7.5 ml
  •  DivaCup is “regulated by the US FDA, Australian TGA and Health Canada”
  • FDA Registered number 3005113602
    • The Model 0/ Teen model is listed there too!
  • Holds up to 0.5 fl oz (17ml)
  • Made from healthcare-grade silicone
  • Comes with a storage pouch & instructions
  • Sterilize in boiling water 5-10 minutes
  •  DivaCups do not contain: Latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer and polyethylene and is free of colors and dyes

Divacup size 0: Cup volume 17 mls / Cup diameter  38 mm / Total cup length = 65.4mm (Cup body 58.4mm + Stem 7.0mm)

Take a look below! As you can see, it seems to be virtually the same length as the DivaCup Model 1 and the DivaCup Model 2 however, in hand it also feels a bit softer. Or, at least the Diva Teen I have does when I squish it in my hand.

See in photos below, the DivaCup Model 0 / DivaCup Teen is on the left, then model 1 in the middle and the largest DivaCup Model 2 on the right.

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DivaCup Model 0 DivaCup Teen Size

divacup model 0 diva 0 instructions

divacup model 0 volume capacity

divacup model 0 compared to divacup model 1 and divacup model 2

divacup model 0 diameter compared to divacup model 1 and divacup model 2

DivaCup Teen compared to other teen menstrual cups

DivaCup Model 0 is not the first teen menstrual cup to hit the market. For example, two teen menstrual cups below are next to the Diva teen for comparison.

From left to right

divacup teen compared to other teen menstrual cups

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Overall thoughts?

Yay! I’m so excited that there is another DivaCup size available to reach more menstruators! I can still vividly remember trying to insert a dry tampon when I was 11 or 12 so I could go swimming. I was unsuccessful and I was so sad!

A soft, silicone menstrual cup is not drying, easy to use with a bit of practice and doesn’t contain pesticides from cotton and plastic like tampons can.

Plus, with the access that DivaCup has to retailers…you know this will hit shelves in major stores like Target and online as well without going through a lot of red tape.

About the size

DivaCup is traditionally thought of as a longer cup, possibly even a high cervix cup, and may be too long for some who may do better with a bell-shaped cup or something more rounded and designed for a lower cervix. However, those under 18 are often not subject to the same pelvic floor and anatomy issues those of us who have had babies experience and we may find out over time that this is amazing for just about everyone under 18 that the company is targeting.

Where to get the DivaCup Model 0 / DivaCup Teen

Currently, this one was found at London Drugs in Canada but they don’t have the DivaCup 0 size specifications such as diameter or to-rim volume listed. I have been all thumbs trying to take measurements at home with a tape measure…once I get it I’ll update size info here.

On 12/17 I found that DivaCup added the Model 0 to their website!

I expect the cup to reach other retailers soon!

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