Diva Cup and LENA Cup Comparison

Diva Cup and LENA Cup Comparison

The two most popular reusable menstrual cups, the Diva Cup and the LENA Cup have noticeable differences. Are you shopping both cup and wondering which is right for you? Take a detailed look at the Diva Cup verses the LENA Cup here.

lena cup vs diva cup

Two of the most popular and widely available reusable menstrual cups are the Diva cup and the Lena cup. However, you may not want to shell out the cost of purchasing both and trying them out. I wanted to show you the differences between the two so you could make a more informed decision. Maybe you want the Lena, maybe you want the Diva or maybe after seeing both you want something else.

Here we go!

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Major differences

While at first glance, the lena cup and the Diva cup may appear similar, there are some differences that may make or break one cup for you.

When you look at the Diva cup body, you can see that it’s longer, 6.3mm or 1/4″ more then the lena. You can also see that it tapers more at the base and gets more narrow.

The stem difference is significant. The Diva cup has a shorter and hollow stem compared to the longer and solid but flexible lena cup stem. The stem length makes the Diva’s overall cup length significantly shorter however the lena stem is meant to be trimmed once you determine it’s ideal length.

The Diva cup rim diameter is a hair larger. Both cups hold 30mls.

One major difference to me is the availability of colors and firmness options. While the Diva comes in size 1 and size 2 un-pigmented only the lena cup comes in several colors in both sizes and also has a sensitive version that they report is ideal for “sensitive anatomies.”

Comparison Table below

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lena cup vs diva cup

lena cup vs diva cup

lena cup vs diva cup

lena cup vs diva cup

lena cup vs diva cup

lena cup vs diva cup

A reputable company counts

One of my favorite things about both of these companies is their attention to quality. The lena cup is made in the USA of medical grade silicone and the Diva cup is made in Canada. Both cups are free from toxins including latex-free, plastic-free, acrylic and acrylate-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, odorless and the Diva cup and lena sensitive are free of colors and dyes.

The pigmented lena cups are made from “the same silicone that the medical industry uses for human implantation and not the kind used in breast implants. All silicone and dyes used in the making of LENA are made and tested in the USA.”

How long do they last?

Not too long ago, menstrual cup companies placed lifespans on their cups. I have had several users tell me their cup was 10+ years old! I believe that for liability, the numbers have disappeared and companies recommend proper care, looking for signs of wear and monitoring your cup for replacement.

Is the lena or diva cup right for you?

I recommend starting with cervix height. If the cup sticks part way out of your body, then nothing else about the cup will work. Use a clean finger and see how high your cervix is around menstrual time. You can read about measuring your cervix height here.

After you know your cervix height, you can look at cup volume and diameter. Most companies recommend the larger cup for women who have given birth and/or are over 30. However, some women who fit this profile can wear the smaller cup. To be absolutely sure, you can get a measurement from your OB or midwife or you can get a set of two cups and test them out for preference.

I love to read your comments and see how you fare!


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