Cruelty-Free Menstrual Cup Brands

Cruelty-Free Menstrual Cup Brands

The first time someone mentioned cruelty-free menstrual cups to me I needed a moment to process. Menstrual cups are environmentally-friendly products used for menstruation in humans. How could a menstrual cup not be cruelty-free?

To my shock and surprise, I learned that not all menstrual cup brands avoid animal testing including the materials like silicone and dyes to make sure they are “safe” for use with humans and/or have dyes that are animal derived. Really? Really.

I have been working on a list of Cruelty-Free Menstrual Cup Brands to collect them into one spot! Here we go!

cruelty free menstrual cup

I had to let the idea that a reusable menstrual cup brand may not be cruelty-free sink in. It’s for a human’s vagina…why even bother a bunny? I’ll let ou in on a secret (more below), it has to do with the FDA.

Who decides? The leaping bunny aka Cruelty Free International is well known for their leaping bunny certification however when I searched their list…no menstrual cup brands came up. I also sent an e-mail and am waiting for a response to see if there are any cup brands or perhaps suggest that they start a campaign!

Anyway. Some menstrual cup brands publically state that they are cruelty-free and Vegan. Meaning that zero of their ingredients, processes or certifications involve animals in any way shape or form. Cruetlty-free meaning not tested on animals and Vegan meaning no animal ingredients. To be honest I feel a bit confused about why they would test a material so tried and true as medical grade silicone…but it’s out there.

cruelty free menstrual cups

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When it all started

The search for cruelty-free menstrual cups seems to have been sparked by a YouTuber who posted a video mentioning that one brand or another was not cruelty-free. Now, I did watch the video in the post but today when I searched for this video to link to in this blog post I couldn’t find it. It appears to be gone.

You should know…it’s not cut and dry. There is no straight answer.

Where some of this gets cloudy, as red herring mentions, is with the silicone itself. The silicone may have at one point been tested on animals but is not currently being tested on animals and may not have been tested on animals by the brand. The parent manufacturer may have tested the silicone but the menstrual cup brand purchasing the silicone does not do testing. See what I mean?

A source told me:

“There’s no way to obtain FDA clearance without testing components. Companies that say their cups are FDA cleared but have never been tested are lying either about the FDA clearance or about the testing. So no no monkeys wore *** cups etc…but since…we use only medical grade components I am certain those components have been treated at some point. In the USA the menstrual cups are considered a class 2 medical device so no FDA registered cup can get around this.”
So your cup itself may not be tested on animals and the brand may not test any components or use animal products…however at some point in history, the cup material was tested if it’s FDA cleared.
Here are some cup brands who tote their animal-friendliness:

The Lunette Cup 

The Lunette Cup is registered with the Vegan Society!

  • The Lunette menstrual cup is manufactured without animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients.
  • Lunette does not test on animals.
  • The Lunette menstrual cup is non-GMO, or made with animal-derived substances.
  • Read my full Lunette Cup Review
  • Shop their cups here.

cruelty free menstrual cups

The Dot Cup

I am thrilled to report that the Dot Cup has responded to me and confirmed that they do not involve animals or animal ingredients in any part of their cup process. The Dot Cup is also made in the USA and one-size.

cruelty free menstrual cups dot cup

The Selena Cup

The Selena Cup founder reports:

“We hereby declare that our products (Selenacup) are not tested on animals and are fully Vegan. This includes packaging as well.” The Selena Cup is also manufactured to GMP standards which is designed to ensure that “products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.” Read my full Selena Cup Review here.

cruelty free menstrual cups




I am working on adding others and have a series of e-mails out! I will add them as they confirm that they are not and do not test on animals or include animal products in their cups!

Should you avoid menstrual cups?

In the list of menstrual products that are both animal and environmentally-friendly, I see a tier. Disposables are obviously at the bottom. They are full of chemicals that are tested on animals and even the better disposable brands don’t biodegrade like a banana peel.

If I have a menstrual cup that I will use instead of tampons for 10 years…and the company itself doesn’t do animal testing but they buy silicone from a manufacturer who at one point had it tested I will use it. I’m not happy that the silicone was tested but that’s a fault of the FDA…who has many to begin with.

I also use cloth pads. I’m sure at one point cotton fabric was tested to make sure it’s “safe” for humans but fabric can be upcycled and reused and repurposed. I use both pads and a cup in my routine.


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