Claripharm Claricup Review – A size for everyone!

Claripharm Claricup Review – A size for everyone!

The Claripharm Claricup may possibly have a menstrual cup size for everyone! Available in 4 sizes, these deep violet cups are made in France and have a flexible stem that can be left on the cup or trimmed to meet your needs.

In addition to the huge range of sizes, Claricups have a great number of vent holes and channels that go up the sides of each cup that I believe contribute to helping form and release the cup’s seal. See my review samples below and check out how they compare to some brands you may already know.

claripharm claricup review

Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own.

When I first opened up the Claripharm cups I thought….wow. A size for everyone? Claripharm offers the Claricup in 4 sizes! Great, right? From size 0 to size 3, from very light flow to heavy…Claripharm has a large range of cup sizes plus includes a hard sterilizing container to keep your cup clean and protected when not in use.

Over the past few months, I’ve tested these cups out! I am a fan of large vent holes for cleaning & easy remove plus I love the color. While I don’t mind staining from transparent cups, it’s also nice to have some color and it helps me locate the cup when I don’t have my glasses on too.

Claripharm Claricup features:

  • Made in France
  • Claricup is the only menstrual cup made of biocompatible Anti-Microbial silicone.
    • Ingredients include: “Biocompatible and anticmicrobial medical grade silicone, USP Class VI, Pharmaceutical colouring & Silver particles” (1)
  • FDA Registered 3011549965
  • Supplied with its disinfection/storage container.
  • Lots of vent holes 6 in each cup with 2 sets of 3 on opposite sides as opposed to running around the cup diameter
  • Reusable up to 5 years.
  • Tested in a laboratory certified by the Research Ministry
  • Soft, flexible stem.
  • Channels on exterior of cup to help with fit and removal
  • Can be sterilized with boiling water
  • Does not contain endocrine disrupters, bisphenol A (BPA), alkylphenol, heavy metals or nanoparticles

Claricup sizes:

Claricup size 0: Cup volume 13.7 mls / Cup diameter 36 mm / Total cup length 71 mm

Claricup size 1: Cup volume 20.2 mls / Cup diameter 41 mm / Total cup length 74 mm

Claricup size 2: Cup volume 29.5 mls / Cup diameter 46 mm / Total cup length 74 mm

Claricup size 3: Cup volume 36 mls / Cup diameter 51 mm / Total cup length 74 mm

Take a closer look below:

claricup sterilizing container

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

(Pinterest image below)

When comparing the Claricups to other menstrual cup brands, the size 0 cup is smaller than most brands’ size 1 or small cup and recommended for teens and/or those with a light flow. I wish I had this cup when I was a teenager! I remember trying to insert a dry tampon at the age of 12 or 13 and having to avoid swimming for the day because I just couldn’t get it in. Menstrual cups are softer and non-drying, looking back…this would have been a great option!

Claricup Size 0 Comparisons: 

So, below, the Claricup size 0 is compared to the MyCup teen size 0 and then next to the Sckoon cup size 1 and the Lunette size 1 just for visual comparison.

I apologize for the clear cups looking like apparitions here…the white background is not kind to clear cups but I have been feeling on the festive side with the Holidays approaching.

Seen below from left to right:

  • Claricup size 0
  • My Cup NZ size 0
  • Sckoon cup size 1
  • Lunette cup size 1

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

Claricup Size 1 Comparisons:

The Claricup Size 1 is comparable in size to many of the size 1/small sizes offered by other menstrual cup brands. This cup has some water on it because…despite my best efforts to remove dust…it’s just so visible on darker colored cups!

Seen below from left to right:

  • Claricup size 1
  • Divacup size 1
  • Lena cup size 1
  • Lunette Cup size 1

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

Claricup size 2 Comparisons:

From left to right:

  • Claricup size 2
  • Diva cup size 2
  • Lunette cup size 2
  • Lena cup size 2

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

Claricup size 3 comparisons – next to other heavy flow cups

The Claricup size 3 is another great addition to the heavy flow family. So, I have it compared to other heavy flow cups below.

From left to right:

claripharm claricup review

claripharm claricup review

Claricup firmness

The Claricup size 3, the largest, is the softest Claricup size. It’s very soft and + size makes it have a floppy feel when squeezed. So soft that I thought, like the Super Jennie large seen above, I wouldn’t be able to get and keep it open once inside. However, this cup does open for me with a punch down fold and a few squats/lunges. I wouldn’t use it for exercising or to go jogging…but to my surprise…I can punch it down and get it to open!

The middle 2 cups open easier for me than the largest and the smallest I didn’t personally test because I believe my age + birth history makes this not an ideal cup for me. I would say they have an average to soft firmness with a note about the cup density too.

The size 0 feels a tad softer than the size 1 & 2 but not as soft as the largest cup. I would say this is on the firm/soft end but not crazy soft if that makes sense.

Overall Impression + Closing Thoughts

Love the sizes! Claripharm really thought of every vagina for menstrual cups. I mean…4 sizes? That’s fantastic!

Thinking out loud…or in type…I also wonder if they’ll add a low cervix option to their line. I mean, they aren’t terribly long cups but not as short as some cups specifically made for low cervix users.

The vent holes are generous and clear and the stem is soft and flexible with grips. The base of the cup itself is ridge-free and this may be a beneficial feature to someone with a sensitive anatomy who likes a smooth cup without a high level of firmness. Easy to clean, great for breaking the seal.

I do like that the company provides both a sterilizing container and sells their own cup wash! The Clarigyna intimate cleanser is “…paraben-free, fragrance-free, no colouring agents, no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), soap-free” and is for both you and your cup and is available in kits or as a single purchase.

I have been thinking on the silver. I love silver! I have colloidal silver in my cupboard for sore throats and I love silver jewelry and generally silver anything! I appreciate it’s antimicrobial properties in burn cream and I even have some face cream to treat breakouts with silver!

“The antibacterial activity of silver has long been known and has found a variety of applications because its toxicity to human cells is considerably lower than to bacteria.” (2)

There are typically both good and bad bacteria in your vagina in a constant balance. A type of bacteria called lactobacillus helps keep your vagina acidic to ward off infections like yeast and I wonder if the silver in a cup would offset the balance. It has not for me personally, but it’s just a thought I’ve had and I am the type of person who likes to open my brain and spill my thoughts. I have been reading and searching for answers and will update if I learn more! More about menstrual cups and yeast infections here.

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