Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

The first time I heard about Ben Wa Balls I was talking with the Moms at my son’s karate class. I had recently reviewed the KegelSmart trainer and these peaked my interest!

The search was on! What are Ben Wa Balls? I’ll tell you! There are several different styles and uses. Ben Wa balls are also known as Geisha Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, and Duotone balls. (1) I am testing a set out now and want to share the details!

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls have many names and uses

     Ben Wa Balls are used for sexual stimulation and pelvic floor strengthening. They get inserted into the vagina, stay in place for a period of time and have multiple functions.

     For sexual stimulation, there is an item within the ball itself that creates a sensation. It can be another ball or often a chime that rolls around as you move. The rolling around from the ball within the ball creates a subtle sensation that is supposed to be stimulating.

If you hold the Ben Wa Balls in your hand and shake it, you can hear the ball rolling around inside and even feel it a bit on your fingers.

     For pelvic floor strengthening, Ben Wa Balls can also be weighted. The balls seen below are a weighted set. They also get placed in your vagina, have an internal ball and help to strengthen muscles. It’s generally a passive activity but can be used to do vagina crunches or active strengthening.

How I wound up with these Ben Wa Balls

     I ordered this Ben Wa Ball kit from Amazon with a coupon from an Amazon reviewer discount site. Also one of the reasons I don’t go by Amazon reviews, these sites offer coupons and send PayPal money to have people review their products. Whole separate blog post. Back to my point, so I wanted to try Ben Wa Balls but didn’t want to spend a lot in case I didn’t like them. So here they are!

     This set of Ben Wa Balls is weighted, what I wanted for muscle strengthening, and they also have a ball inside that rolls around. From left to right (seen below) the Ben Wa Balls go from lightest to heavies and the company recommends using the lightest for 30 minutes, 30 days before moving up to the next ball.

You can wear Ben Wa Balls for hours. However, just like running, you don’t start out with a marathon, you start out with a short jog.

Ben Wa Balls Features:

Color: Purple Color
Waterproof: 100%
Product Pack: One kit contains 3 weights kit
Three Different Sizes and weights:
Single size: 4.3 * 1.75 inch Weight: 54.5g or .12 lbs
Light double size: 6.5 * 1.5 inch Weight: 83g or .182 lbs
Heavier double ball size: 5.7 * 1.25 inch Weight: 98g or .216 lbs

ben wa balls

Below: Lightest and easiest ball

ben wa balls

Lighter double ball size below

ben wa balls

Heavier and smaller double ball below

ben wa balls

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How this goes down

I started with the first ball, as the instructions said, also the lightest and largest. The larger ball is seen as easier. Think of a kid holding a big pencil instead of a small pencil. The smaller one requires more muscle control and motor skill. I think the idea here is similar.

The company instructions say you should insert the ball, using water-based lubricant, into your vagina and wear for 30 minutes. The ball is super smooth and I didn’t need any. If you do, you can use some water-based like KY jelly or other as long as it’s safe for the silicone coating.

I was surprised with the ball’s firmness and was a bit nervous inserting it into my vagina. I wasn’t sure where the right spot was, but it seemed to find it on it’s own! It doesn’t sit at the opening, but a bit nigher up. Not as high as a menstrual cup. There is a retrieval string and it can only go as high as my cervix…so there’s no chance it could get lost.

The instructions say to be active during the 30 minutes. I did some chores, took some blog photos and did notice that when I bent over and sat down that there was a rolling sensation. Like the ball, inside of the ball, rolled and settled. Stimulating? No. I did not find this to be sexually stimulating, maybe if I was running or moving more? I doubt it. However, after 30 minutes I fished for the string and pulled this out.

Ben Wa Balls are not Kegel Exercises unless you know how to use them

Kegel Exercises, designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and help with urinary incontinence, dripping a bit when sneezing etc. are not the same as this.

Ben Wa Balls are a passive activity. You put the ball in, move around and then take it out. My biggest concern was that it would roll out, or if I got to the point where I keep this in for a few hours…I would lose it walking down the aisle at Target. Luckily these are large enough to stay put.

Kegels target more muscles and to exercise you pull in and up to strengthen the entire pelvic floor. Kind of like crunches for your vagina and surrounding muscles. These target a more isolated area, specifically the pubococcygeus muscles, which controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. (1)

To use these for kegel exercises, just like any weighted ball or egg, you can squeeze them by puling your pelvic floor up and in for a series of repetitions. The active muscle contraction would be the strengthening exercise, not just wearing the balls around for chime/movement arousal.

Sexual pleasure from Ben Wa Balls?

The idea is that you receive “teasing” from the ball rolling around inside of the ball. It didn’t do it for me, I’ll keep using these for the strengthening but I didn’t find this set sexually exciting.

In addition to the teasing, having more toned vagina related muscles helps with sexual pleasure. Users claim better orgasms, overall sensation during intercourse and I personally think not leaking urine is a great sexual health benefit.

ben wa balls


Cleaning the Ben Wa Balls was easy. I already had menstrual cup wash and just used that. They dried quickly. Most feminine washes can be used if you feel the need to do more then a water rinse. Also, sex toy cleaner!


I’m happy with these and they are great for kegel exercises. I would also like to see some of the metal and other variations just for curiosity! I would recommend these but also Kegel Exercises (full article coming once the artist finishes drawing them for me!) to strengthen the pelvic floor for post-baby Mamas and anyone having some urine issues.

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