Bella Luna Reusable Pad Giveaway for USA & Canada ends 9/8

Reusable pads are a great way to green your menstrual cycle. In addition, they can also be used for urinary incontinence. These beautiful blue lakeside butterfly pads are from Bella Luna and one lucky person will win TWO pads! An 8.5″ regular and an 8.5″ light pad in Blue Lakeside Butterfly.

bella luna reusable pads

When I first heard about reusable pads I was a little grossed out. While my Mom told me more than my Grandma told her, I grew up believing my menstrual cycle was something to keep secret, to never mention and to pretend as if it didn’t exist. If I knew then what I know now…I would have switched to reusable pads years ago. Since switching, my menstrual cramps have virtually disappeared, I feel good about not producing waste and I love wearing reusable pads. I wish I knew sooner!

Reusable pads from Bella Luna are handmade in Canada and come from a well known, reputable shop that also makes cloth diapers and other items including underwear and nursing pads. In addition to coming from a great shop, reusable pads are very comfortable, easy to care for and in my opinion…they make your period fun. They’re also great for light incontinence, catching other fluids and sweat.

bella luna reusable pads

For the giveaway! One lucky USA or Canadian menstruator will win. Good luck. Details below:

For this giveaway, I’m part of a large hop made up of other reusable cloth prizes! Make sure to visit the bloggers and shops below to enter more amazing giveaways and thank you, we seriously appreciate your visit and time.


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