10 Unusual Things You Should Know About Your Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are unusual objects. They’re different shapes, colors, firmnesses and sizes. After spending quite a bit of time photographing menstrual cups, I’ve noticed some unusual things the naked eye may not pick up. Things visible with a camera lens and possibly things you don’t notice on your own cup. What are these unusual menstrual cup things? Read below

10 unusual things you should know about your menstrual cup

1.They are hair and dust magnets

Nothing like a close-up of a menstrual cup to show the hairs and dust these things collect. Just like any product made of silicone, they attract hair, fuzzies and lint like crazy. This is one of the reasons they come with a little menstrual cup bag. While the bag helps, one of my favorite ways to keep cups German Shepherd hair-free is to clean them with a lint-free cloth instead of a towel or my shirt.

menstrual cup

menstrual cup

2. They Have Perfectly Shaped Little Air Holes

Ever notice the air holes under the rim of your cup? While these help with creating and breaking a seal in your vagina, they are also perfect little windows into the cup. If you look closely at some brands, you may notice that they’re not all completely open (perfect openings in the lunette cup below) and may require some work before the cup is fully functional.

menstrual cup

3. They Are Ribbed For Removal

Most cups have ribbing both on the stem and on the bottom of the cup. This helps you grip your cup for better removal, insertion and repositioning. Even if you remove the stem, this Lena Cup below still has ribs on the cup itself for removal. Without these, you may find yourself in a slippery spot during removal, unable to push the menstrual cup back up after pooping or having trouble inserting the little chalice.

menstrual cup

4. They Squeak

Photographing cups alone, in my studio spot (aka a table in the corner of the kid’s LEGO space), it’s easy to hear the cups squeaking when I fold them. Especially on the more firm cup models, when the cup rubs against itself there is definitely a faint but noticeable squeak.

menstrual cup

5.  They Look Like Areolas & Nipples

Especially the pink and purple menstrual cups, when placed stem-up, look like perfectly round areola and nipple. Is a picture worth a thousand words? See below for yourself!

menstrual cup

(Pinterest image below)

6. They Intricate Menstrual Cup Writing

Some menstrual cup brands have gone the extra mile and engraved logos, measuring lines and details into the cups themselves. While other companies can’t get the air-holes right (see post above) others are including frivolous writing and details like the Diva Cup below.

menstrual cup

menstrual cup

7. They’re Little works of Art

Menstrual Cups are little works of art. Especially when they’re lined up, placed with a background or coordinating accessory…they look really pretty for something that is designed to be hidden in your vagina.

menstrual cup

8. They Have Seams

Some are more pronounced than others, but many cups look like they were made in two halves and seamed together. I imagine it’s the method of production. There is a perfect seam down the middle of the cup that travels all the way to the other side. If some reason you wanted to split this cup in half you could easily just follow this line.

menstrual cup

9. They Look Like Little Chalices 

No explanation needed here.

menstrual cup

10. Little Differences Matter 

Maybe one cup was recommended to you, but you find a non-recommended cup to be more comfortable. There are so many cups on the market from great brands that it’s nearly impossible to try just one and the variations seem endless. Just look at these 3 cups below. Maybe the rim on one cup rubs you the wrong way, but a similar rim with a different softness level of silicone is great. Either way…menstrual cups are like a box of chocolates, you can never have just one!

menstrual cups

That’s my list! Do any of these sound familiar to you?


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