10 Signs You’re a Menstrual Cup User

10 Signs You’re a Menstrual Cup User

How can you tell if someone is a reusable menstrual cup user? Don’t worry…they’ll tell you! There are certain conveniences and rituals menstrual cup users engage in and if you know what to look for, you can tell a menstrual cup user a mile away! Here are 10 signs you’re a menstrual cup user:

10 signs you're a menstrual cup user

1.Short well-manicured fingernails.

Let’s face it, no one wants to go fishing for their menstrual cup with long fingernails. As period time approaches, menstrual cup users can be heard clipping their nails and filing like the percussion section of an orchestra. Poke yourself in the vulva or vagina once and you’ll never forget to clip them again!

10 signs you're a menstrual cup user

2. Small Bag

It’s my period, where is my big purse with storage for tampons and pads?! Oh wait, I can literally leave the house with what I would take when I’m not on my cycle! Why? With your cup already stored in your vagina, you won’t need to store it in your handbag!

10 signs you're a menstrual cup user

3. Big Wallet

While your bag will be small, saving every month on tampons and pads leads to extra spending dollars. Maybe the funds are for groceries or perhaps something more luxurious like fancy coffee, family or your wardrobe. Having the extra money will make you wonder why you didn’t switch sooner!

4. Big Mouth

How do you know if someone is a menstrual cup user? Don’t worry…they’ll tell you. All joking aside, once a menstruator gets into a groove with a menstrual cup they want to tell everyone. You’ll find a cup user converting friends, family, strangers…the person in the tampon aisle at Target…

10 signs you're a menstrual cup user

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5. Is there a Flamingo in the stall?

If you find yourself in the restroom with a cup user, and look under the door, you may see only one foot. Why is that? The other one is probably propped up on the toilet for a quick and effective cup removal and/or reinsertion! Putting one leg up opens up your pelvic floor and makes inserting the cup easy…plus it avoid the risk of dropping it in the toilet!

inserting a menstrual cup

6. Literally jumping for joy

Unlike a regular tampon that only holds around 5mls…your menstrual cup can typically hold a full cycle or more in just two emptyings! Many size 2 cups are around 30mls and a typical menstrual cycle runs 10-35 mls (above 80 is considered very heavy flow) and can be worn a whole 12 hours before being emptied! (1) Now, I empty mine more frequently just because I like to check it, but you may quite literally see menstruators skipping. Is my tampon leaking?! Oh, wait, no it’s not…I’m wearing a cup!

menstrual cup leak

7. Cup users are vagucated

It’s amazing to think that many women go their entire lives without knowing much about what’s under the hood. Just ask any woman the difference between her vagina and vulva and you’ll quickly find out that even though they own it, not all know exactly what is between her legs. Not cup users. Menstrual cup users make it a point to get to know their body in detail. In fact, they usually enjoy passing this info onto suspecting and unsuspecting friends and complete strangers.

8. Friends of Mother Earth

Menstrual cup users are reducing pad & tampon waste that litters our planet. In addition, many cup users are Eco-friendly all the way around! They often use other reusable items like reusable toilet paper, reusable menstrual pads, cloth napkins, stainless steel water bottles and purchase more environmentally friendly brands than the average bear.

menstrual cup user

9. Cup users know the height of their cervix

Before I started using a menstrual cup, I didn’t know the height of my cervix. I had accidentally had it poked a handful of times, painfully I might add, during sex but had never explored it on my own. Deciding which menstrual cup to buy pushed me to get to know my cervix well. Ask any cup user if they have a high, medium height or low cervix and you will get a novel! (more about checking cervix height here)

10. Cup users give a damn

Menstrual cup users, or at least the ones I meet, are proactive. They’re busy working to remove the menstrual product tax (often called the tampon tax), remove the stigma around menstruation, advocate for equal rights and benefits for all and are up-to-date on legislation and current news. There is a growing movement made up of menstruators who aren’t afraid to push for what’s right on both large and small scale and it’s the best thing to hit society in a long time!

menstrual cup user



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