10 Reasons to Ditch Your Menstrual Cup and Switch to Tampons

10 Reasons to Ditch Your Menstrual Cup and Switch to Tampons

While many menstrual cup users have left tampons and switched to their medical-grade silicone menstrual cup, there are many menstrual cup users who are thinking of switching back to tampons.

As a long-time menstrual cup user, I recently had the opportunity to revisit tampons. Here are my top 10 reasons to ditch that soft, easy to use and environmentally friendly menstrual cup and switch back to tampons!


I recently revisited tampons. I’ve been using a menstrual cup for a long time and recently felt compelled to pick up a box of tampons and give them a try. I mean, it’s been years since I used a tampon. After the birth of my first son, who is now 8, I found tampons to be terribly uncomfortable. I’ve never been a fan of disposable pads either and often developed a rash or discomfort from the plastic, chemical-filled panty post-it notes.

After trying tampons again, Tampax to be specific, this cycle I realized that there are many reasons to ditch your menstrual cup and switch back! Here they are!

1. While everyone else is going green, you’re giving Mother Earth the middle finger. 

The first thing I noticed about the tampons was the excessive packaging and use of plastic. The box, the plastic wrapping around the plastic applicator…and the plastic in the tampon itself. Screw you nature!

2. You want to do a little scratching down under. 

After having a toxin-free period for so long…my body just straight out rejected the tampons and…since we’ve long passed the warnings about TMI here…dear lord are my vagina & vulva itchy! Slather on the cream! Can you say…allergic reaction? Or as my doctor likes to call it, contact dermatitis. Hopefully wearing a skirt and catching a breeze will help too!

It’s so itchy I actually had to call my OBGYN and make an appointment! Thanks, Tampax!

3. You hate saving money.

I almost choked on my coffee when the cashier rang up my disposable-period products. There are many places I would have rather spent the cash! Do this every month? No way! I’d rather have a new menstrual cup for my cup-collection, coffee, more coffee or drink a glass of wine and order stuff from Amazon that arrives as a surprise! Who bought me a gift?! Oh, it was me!

4. You love the feeling of pulling an unevenly moist wad of cotton out of your vagina. 

Do you remember the feeling of pulling a semi-dry or an unevenly moist was of tampon out of your vagina? Yeah, I didn’t miss it.

5. The pee/menstrual fluid-coated vag tail

If your menstrual cup stem hangs out, you simply cut it off. With a tampon, you have this blood & urine-soaked string hanging between your legs the whole time you’re wearing a tampon. It felt wet on my thighs and…where do you put it? Leave it to dangle? Tuck it in my butt crack? That’s a great way to get e-coli in my urethra…tuck it in a labial fold? There is no good option here…

6. Smuggling the used tampon

After removing the tampon, you have to dispose of it. Flush it and hope the toilet doesn’t clog? Do I wrap it in toilet paper and search for a trash can? Shove it back into the plastic wrapper? Unlike a menstrual cup that simply goes back into your vagina, I’d have to figure out how to properly dispose of the warm bloody little mouse tampon you just extracted while using your hands to also insert a new one. I’m not this coordinated.

7. Extra space in my bag

One thing I love about a menstrual cup is that it doesn’t take up space in my bag. Unless I’m carrying it around in case I get my cycle…I simply store it in my vagina! More room in my bag for 19 lip glosses and receipts. Not this time, I had to carry around tampons in my purse. One that tumbled out at the cash register while I was looking for my store card!

8. Unhappy cervix at your service!

While a menstrual cup is soft and flexible, a tampon is a hard wad of substance that is just not vagina or cervix friendly. Ouch. Nothing like poking my cervix continuously with a hard tampon sitting in my vaginal canal.

9. Helping big businesses get bigger

I couldn’t help but feel a bit of guilt about putting more money into a company like Proctor and Gamble. While most menstrual cup and cloth pad makers are small shops, putting food on the table for their families in an eco-friendly way…many big-company CEOs are buying new yauchts while their employees struggle to buy the basics.

See a great list of places to shop + pad and cup coupons here.

Did I mention the itchy vagina?

10. Landfill tampon roadkill

As I tossed my tampon, I couldn’t help but wonder where it would end up. I mean, nothing ever really gets thrown “away.” It goes to a landfill. I knew the toilet paper wrapped bloody tampon would be transported off to a landfill where it would be crudely buried and possibly stink in the sun. Maybe even retrieved and carried off by wild animals.

There’s nothing good about that.

In closing.

As you can see, there are many reasons to ditch your menstrual cup and switch back to tampons. I visited each of these this cycle and can say that I made the right decision switching to reusables many moons…and cycles…ago.

What’s in your vagina?


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