What’s The Green Vagina?

A place to find Eco-Friendly vagina living, reusable menstrual products, toxin-free vagina products and pelvic health!

Curious about reusable menstrual pads? Your first menstrual cup? Strengthening your pelvic floor pre or post baby? Toxin-free products to clean your vulva? You’re in the right place! I talk about my experiences with all of these and share my experiences with you!

About Me

I’m Jeanette, a 30-something Occupational Therapist and Mom of 4 little boys. I’m the author of Mama Banana’s Adventures and needed an outlet to expand my reusable menstrual product posts and my education section on pelvic health.

As an Occupational Therapist, I didn’t really feel that pelvic floor health impacted me until the day I sat in my OB’s office for a postpartum checkup after baby #4 and was told that I have “a mild cystocele” and not to worry about it, I “…could have surgery in my 40’s when it starts to cause real issues.” This was a life-changing moment.

I thought…the vagina is a muscle. The pelvic floor can be strengthened. Toxic products introduce chemicals into your bloodstream via vulva and vagina blood vessels and there are many toxin-free products out there that are even better than disposables! Here my trusted doctor was ignoring all of these things and telling me to wait for issues bad enough to require surgery. No thanks!

I love testing out new products and sharing photos and my experience, I’m happy to answer questions and you are welcome to join The Green Vagina chat & community to chat with like-minded persons.

Disclosure & Legal Stuff:

  1. The Green Vagina is a blog about all things eco-friendly vagina related – This is a personal blog full of information I find from various resources cited throughout, conversations, opinions, guest-posts and ever-changing and moldable content.
  2. Opinionated content – This blog contains my opinions and experiences and doesn’t reflect the opinions of my affiliates and partners unless directly stated. Please go to individual companies for their unique opinions.
  3. Terms of use – The information here is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. However, there may be omissions, errors or mistakes.
  4. Hold harmless clause –The info you find in The Green Vagina is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice, such a medical, legal, tax, emotional or other types of advice. If you choose to rely on any info on your blog, it’s at your own risk.
  5. I am not your professional – I am an Occupational Therapist. However, I am not your therapist and not making recommendations, individual diagnoses or providing treatment for you. I am not providing professional advice, the content here should not be seen as medial recommendations…because it’s not.
  6. I Reserve the right – I reserve the right to change how I manage this blog and I may change the focus or content at any time.

Contact me at TheGreenVagina@outlook.com for inquires!


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