UltuCup Review + Comparison to other menstrual cups

ultucup review

UltuCup Review + Comparison to other cups

When I saw the UltuCup emerge on Instagram I was thrilled! UltuCup is a new menstrual cup brand made in the USA offering 3 sizes for menstrual cup users of various needs. I added their brand to my Made in the USA menstrual cup post and even tested them out during my last cycle.

I tested all 3 sizes during my last cycle! How did it go? I’ll tell you how it went and you can see how these cups compare to other brands and sizes:

ultucup review

The UltuCup is made in the USA and available in 3 sizes. It’s made from healthcare grade silicone and has a nice middle of the road firmness. It’s available in this clear/transparent version which means that it is also free of dyes and colors and even the packaging is recyclable. I really love how thoughtful this brand is!

UltuCup features

  • Available in 3 sizes: Mini/Low-Cervix, Model 1 and Model 2
  • Made with 100% Healthcare Grade Silicone
  • FDA registered
  • Everything, including packaging, is Made in the USA
  • Transparent: dye-free, BPA-free, toxin-free
  • Thorougly Eco-friendly: packaging is recyclable, and the pamphlet is printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.
  • Airy 100% US grown virgin cotton storage bag

Sizing details

  • Mini/Low Cervix:
    Volume: 25 ml / Diameter: 42 mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 52.5 mm (2.07″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 60 mm (2.37″)
  • Model 1/Small:
    Volume: 30 ml / Diameter: 42 mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 62.2 mm (2.45″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 70 mm (2.75″)
  • Model 2/Large:Volume: 40 ml / Diameter: 46 mm / Cup Length Without Stem: 62.2 mm (2.45″) / Total length (Cup + Stem): 70 mm (2.75″)

ultucup review

ultucup review

My experience with the UltuCup sizes

To be honest, I wish product testing these cups was more eventful than it was because it would make for a better article however, using the UltuCup was a fairly easy and straightforward process!

I started out with the model 1 for the light days of my period. It opened and wore well. I do have a high cervix and found that this stem was pretty easy to retrieve without any tricks or bearing down because in general, this is a longer cup.

I switched to the model 2 cup as my flow increased. This version didn’t open as easily for me but I was able to give it a spin once inside and do a few lunges across the kitchen to make sure it popped. After a few hours I did notice that the base of the cup started to cause some discomfort. I have the same sensation with the XO Flo and my best guess has been that my individual anatomy needs a shorter cup with a long stem. However, it collected well and was easy to remove and reinsert!

The last two days or so of my cycle are the only days I get a glimpse of my cervix. I was able to test out the low cervix model and because I can reach my cervix on these days I was able to make sure it was situated well and that the cup was surrounding it for the decreased chance of leaking. I also knew that it wouldn’t migrate too high and require acrobatics to retrieve it after a few hours!

Do you need help figuring out your cervix height? Read my article here.

I would note that the rim required a bit of attention cleaning at the base where it meets the cup and it was easy to rub between my fingers and clean under water. (photo of rim above)

Who I would recommend these cups for

I have my relative testing out the size 2 because her size 2 lena cup is just too short for her vaginal canal and I’m certain this will be easier for her to reach. Model 1 and Model 2 are easy cups to use if you have the vaginal length to accommodate them. If not, the mini/low cervix model is another great option. I think the low cervix cup will be super popular not only for people with a mid to low cervix, but persons who want the smaller cup size in general.

The firmness isn’t too firm or too soft…as red herring stated it’s a hair softer than the diva. I did have a bit of trouble getting the large it to open immediately but a few lunges did the trick! I have had 4 babies and am over 30 but I do like to exercise and do my kegels!

See comparisons to other cups below…

(Pinterest image below)

To address some of the questions about how the ultucup compares to other brands I have some comparisons below. First, you see the UltuCup low cervix model compared to the femmycycle low cervix and meluna shorty large. Then, the low-cervix is next to the lena cup small and lunette cup small/model 1.

Photo below from left to right ultucup low cervix comparisons:

ultucup low cervix compared to femmycycle meluna shorty

ultucup low cervix compared to femmycycle meluna shorty

Photo below from left to right UltuCup low cervix comparisons:

ultucup low cervix compared to lena and lunette

ultucup low cervix compared to lena and lunette

Photo below from left to right UltuCup model 1 comparisons:

ultu model 1 compared to diva lena lunette

ultu model 1 compared to diva lena lunette

Photo below from left to right UltuCup Model 2 comparisons:

ultu model 2 compared to diva lena lunette

ultu model 2 compared to diva lena lunette

Where to buy the UltuCup:

Currently on Amazon

Kelly’s Closet

Have you tried it?


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  1. Love that they have 3 options! The only thing that scares me is the stem. I have a cup with almost the same rounded stem and it was quite slippery for me.

  2. Newly converted crunchy momma, I would love to try& be more green down there.( I will have to wait until my cycle to try& guesstimate/measurement for a cup) Thanks for the review& trying to explain how to get the right size/fit. I love that there are many different options!

  3. I’m really interested in the Model 2 large size. The cup I have now is fine on light to medium days, but on heavier days I find I am emptying it 3-4 times a day, which gets really old, really fast. I think a larger cup would solve that problem. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. The comparison pictures were really helpful! I’m thinking about trying the mini cup because I have a lighter flow and the slightly smaller diameter might pop open more easily than my diva cup

  5. I really like that it comes in 3 sizes. I’m new to menstrual cups( one cycle) and I did find my cervix changed positions quite a bit.

  6. I love that the large cup has a larger capacity than most cups. I’ve had massive flow for the first few days of my cycle since starting a new birth control. My usual cup isn’t cutting it, but this might be just what I need!

  7. I’ve never used a cup before, but I want to. I love that there are multiple sizes to choose from, as we all have different bodies, and one size doesn’t fit all. I’d like to try out the medium/size 1.

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