The Best Menstrual Cup Revealed

The Best Menstrual Cup Revealed

We often want the best. We want the best food, the best transportation and the best products we can afford. It shouldn’t surprise you that many people also want the best menstrual cup. Finding the best menstrual cup is very important because it’s worn inside your vagina and many users even wear their menstrual cup overnight.

Everyone wants the best cup and after testing and reviewing many different menstrual cups, I’m here to tell you what the best menstrual cup is…

the best menstrual cup

Earlier this week, a friend pointed me towards an article titled “The Best Menstrual Cup.” I opened it to discover that it’s not what it appears. The author selected a single brand cup reporting that it’s the best and goes on to recommend a handful of others including the Lena Cup which she states is for “wide vaginas.”

Now, if you didn’t spit out your coffee reading “wide vaginas,” that phrase should tell you something about the content. With the growing popularity of menstrual cups, it seems like every website these days wants to get in on google search traffic and put out something related to menstrual cups.

What’s the Best Menstrual Cup? I’ll tell you.

The Best Menstrual Cup:

  1. Fits your vaginal length
  2. Is comfortable
  3. Is big enough for your flow needs
  4. Makes you happy

It’s really very simple. The Best Menstrual cup is the one that works the best for you. Now, that may not be what you want to hear but just like people, vaginas come in all different lengths and strengths. Strenght you say? Remember, your vagina is a muscle and needs to be tended to overtime and exercised just like any other part of your body.

How do you find the best menstrual cup?

The science is pretty easy. First, you need to determine the height of your cervix. Your vagina has two ends. One is at your vulva and you can see it on the outside of your body when you look at your crotch. The second end is at your cervix. The space between your cervix and vulva is where your menstrual cup sits and figuring out your vagina length is key to finding the right cup. Think empty toilet paper tube.

Persons with a high cervix may need a menstrual cup for high cervix users and persons with a low cervix may find that a low cervix menstrual cup is most comfortable. In addition, your cervix moves around during your period and is typically at the lowest during menstruation. It’s like your body lowers it to make the path for menstrual fluid shorter.

Second, you should consider your flow needs. Cups come in different lengths and hold different amounts of menstrual fluid. Do you usually have a light menstrual cycle? Heavy cycle? A mix of both?

I personally use a lighter cup on light days and a heavy flow cup on heavy days. So for me, there is no one right cup but I have a series of cups that are perfect for my needs.

Third, consider your pelvic floor muscle strength. Are you pretty active and need a firmer cup or not as active and may need a softer cup. Generally, firmer cups are recommended for persons under 30 who have not had a baby and softer cups are for those over 30 or persons who have given birth. However, everything needs to be taken into account. Maybe you’re 35 and have had 2 babies…but you go running every morning and have great muscle strength in your pelvic floor.

The best menstrual cup is really decided on a person by person basis.

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Everyone needs to start somewhere

While some people get the best menstrual cup for them on the first try, many try one cup and then know they need something different. It’s not until you actually try a cup that you can really figure out what works best for you. Even with knowing your cervix height, pelvic floor strength and volume…until you test out a cup for a few cycles you won’t really know if you like the stem, firmness or rim.

Material matters

While some menstruators really enjoy cheap menstrual cups made of questionable material,  I do recommend that you get a menstrual cup made of certifiably quality materials. You can get a menstrual cup made in the USA or even a menstrual cup made in France that is made from medical grade silicone, manufactured and tested for the highest quality.

So the best menstrual cup is? 

The best menstrual cup is the one that suits your needs. I apologize. I know you were coming here for easy answers but there aren’t any when if comes to your body. Take a moment to measure your cervix and go from there. If you’d like to chat with other cup users or ask questions you can always join The Green Vagina chat on Facebook for chatter!

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