What Shark Week Has to Do With Your Period

shark week period

Shark Week, Period.

When you hear shark week, you may think of a TV show with ocean footage and educational segments about sharks. However, shark week is often used to refer to one’s menstrual time.

Why Shark Week? Sharks are well known for their interest in blood, however, shark week goes beyond blood. Sharks have a nervous system that closely resembles menstrual anatomy.

Take a look below:

shark week period

Shark week is commonly used to refer to the time a menstruator has their period. Like saying Aunt Flow has come to visit, Shark Week is possibly less outdated and funnier. It’s Shark week, period.

However, Shark Week goes beyond blood. Many would say that a shark’s brain + nervous system structures looks very similar to the reproductive system including a uterus, ovaries and vagina.

See shark brain below:

Now you get it, right?

Shar Week doesn’t just help spread the word about shark anatomy. The phrase “Shark Week” helps increase discussion about menstruation by introducing a safe language that can be used openly in conversation. This helps to help open discussion and normalize menstruation.

It’s often easier to say “I don’t feel like skydiving because I’m having my shark week.” Than it is to talk directly about blood and menstrual fluids. Anything that helps increase the conversation and help others feel more comfortable talking about menstruation is great with me!

So, when you’re having your next shark week. Remember the image above. Also, remember our oceans and the depressing fact that they are polluted with plastic from single-use items like plastic pads and tampons.

Then, feel the weight lifted and happy to know that there are many great reusable menstrual cups, reusable menstrual pads, period panties and every product inbetween to keep plastic out of our oceans and toxins away from your vagina!

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  1. As a Shark lover, I particularly love the clever use of the Shark Week idea. I’m not a fan of language disguising conversations about menstruation (or as I’ve been calling it, Moonstruation) because I have 2 young children who I want to discuss it openly without shame so I’m trying to normalize it in my household. That being said, I fully understand the need for this to help vagina owners who aren’t yet comfortable openly discussing their periods.

  2. I agree with the pervious poster about how the term “shark week” disguises conversations about menstruation. However, if it can get the conversation started, then more power to it. It can open the door to further education.

  3. This was a great article. It makes total sense to refer to menstruation as shark week now. Plus it sounds way better than. PERIOD!

  4. I love this! I never thought about trying to normalize the conversation around me struation, but you’re right. It’s perfectly normal and healthy – we should! And I love all the connections to sharks – from the brain image, to blood, to protecting our oceans.

  5. I’ve called my period Shark Week for years now, as do my three daughters (21, 10 and 5). We’re all open and honest about SW in my house and if adding a splash of humor helps my girls keep it light I’m all for it. For my middles Moon Box I even designed a cute little card with a sharks head breaking through blood red waves.

  6. Ah, I never knew about the shape of a sharks brain and how similar it looks to the reproductive system. I always thought that it was called shark week because there is often pain and a lot of blood (like a shark attack ). Thank you for clearing that up.
    I do love the term more than the one I’ve been using so I definitely will use it more in future conversations.

  7. I’ve been calling my period shark week for years now! It makes it easier for my younger daughters to talk to me about periods.

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