Scrundies VS Bunzies

Scrundies VS Bunzies

If you’re on social media and in any pad or cloth diaper chat groups, you’ve probably heard of the terms scrundies and bunzies. You may even be looking for a shop or, if you’re talented, hoping to make your own!

Here’s are all the details on Scrundies vs Bunzies

scrundies vs bunzies

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If you love reusable pads, then scrundies and bunzies are probably on your to-have list. Why? If you’re like me and have had a difficult time finding underwear that both fit and are comfortable…then these are for you!

Scrundies and Bunzies are both handmade panties that come in all shapes and sizes.  They are custom made to your specifications! Breif are available with different booty coverage options, hip hugger style, and even boxer breifs with a male and female pattern available.

Both scrundies and bunzies are made by many shops from patterns created and sold by stitchuponatime.

If you are crafty and can sew your own, you may want to. If you are two thumbs with the sewing machine like me…after calculating the cost of buying speciality fabric, time sewing and making mistakes…you may just want a great shop to make them for you!

Scrundies what are they?

Scrundies are made from a pattern called Scrundlewear from stitchuponatime.

There are 9 sizes, each on different pages. This allows you to print only the size(s) you need.

2 different styles included, Briefs and Boyshorts
3 different waistband options
2 different leg band options
Plus a lace-trimmed front option!

The patterns, once purchased, are an Instant Download, which means it will be available to you as soon as your payment is made. You can print it out and use it right away.

You can order them from an expert clothing maker at Purple Unicorn on Facebook.

Bunzies what are they?

Bunzies come from the Bunzies underwear pattern from the same company.

If you are familiar with the Scrundlewear 2.0, the company says that it picks up where scrundlewear left off.

All the booty options. There are 3 booty cuts that address the rear coverage: Full Coverage, Booty and Super Booty.

“The pattern also allows for choice between knit leg and waistbands or elastic, two rises, high and low, a maternity/cross front option and instructions to add ruching to the back.”

There are 9 sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X.

Like the Scrundlewear, if you purchase the pattern, each of the 9 sizes are on individual pages – you can print only the size(s) you need.

Find the pattern for sale here. 

Scrundies VS Bunzies

The main difference between the pattern is rear coverage. Bunzies, as the name implies, gives different bunz or butt cheek coverage while the Scrundlewear appear more like traditional breifs. There are also rise options.

The main benefit is comfort. Users report that they are painfully comfortable and once you go scrundies or bunzies you never go back to store-bought panties. As someone who dislikes a wedgie, or fishing one out in public…I can agree! They also pair well with pads and in custom fabrics and customizations.

I personally won’t be sewing scrundies or bunzies…I can sew a bit but with the cost of fabric and the time it would take me to do a good job after I make a lot of mistakes, I’d rather have a great shop make them for me!

Here are several handmade items from Purple Unicorn. Images are hers used with permission. She also handmakes clothing and cloth diapers (one diaper is pictured below)

scrundies vs bunzies

scrundies vs bunzies

scrundies vs bunzies

scrundies vs bunzies

scrundies vs bunzies

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