The Best Cloth Pads for PostPartum – A Resource Guide

The Best Cloth Pads for PostPartum – A Resource Guide

I am the proud Mom of 4 boys. Like most things, the first birth was a huge learning experience. After getting a terrible rash on the backs of my legs all the way up to the middle of my back from the disposable postpartum pads the hospital provided, I found cloth.

Reusable menstrual pads for postpartum are better than disposable. They are more comfortable, very absorbent, allow great air flow, don’t contain chemicals and stay out of our landfills and oceans. My next 3 birth plans all included postpartum cloth pads and I’ve never looked back.

If you’re shopping for postpartum pads you may wonder what to buy, how many you need and the best shops to find what you’re looking for. Luckily the list of amazing shops is long and keeps growing! Here’s what’s available and guaranteed to cushion your vulva during the healing process.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

My first birth included a long induction and then a c-section. I had 3 successful VBACs after that and noticed that I bled a little more after the vaginal deliveries than I did after my c-section…but there was still postpartum bleeding. Enough to require postpartum pads for several days.

What do I wish I had from the start? I wish I had a great stash of reusable postpartum cloth pads! So, I’ve created a resource of small shops and padmakers that put out amazing postpartum pads and pads in all sizes. I’m sure you’ll find what you need here and I have even spoken with these shops to get an image permission and in some cases a coupon!

1.Pampered Shop Pads (Ice Pads)

These may be my most recommended pads! In addition to making a postpartum absorbency and sizes up to 17″ these pads are made with a pocket and reusable ice pack. If you don’t want the ice pads you can order a regular pad in a heavy absorbency up to 17″ but I personally found ice to be necessary after each delivery. Just make sure you have enough ice packs, some of the sets only come with one and you’ll need to order extras if you want them on hand to wear back to back. Handmade in Arizona, USA. Shop Pampered Shop Pads here.

2. Tree Hugger Cloth Pads – Made in Canada

Tree Hugger cloth pads are well known for their fun prints and variety of sizes. These rectangular shaped pads are sold as postpartum/overnight and also make great overnight pads for heavy days. Made in Canada, pads also come in special prints and releases and with great customer service. Shop Tree Hugger Here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

3. GladRags Postpartum/Overnights

GladRags sells a Postpartum pad also called their Night Pad Plus in their well known pocket style. It’s is their largest, thickest pad for the times when you need extra protection. The set includes 1 holder + 2 inserts and is all natural fiber cotton, cotton flannel outside and cotton terrycloth inside. Organic cotton natural color postpartum pads are also available and a friend tells me that they are even more absorbent than the prints! Pads are Made in the USA and come in pantyliner through postpartum in size. However, you should note that these run upwards of $20 each. Shop GladRags here. 

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

4. Made by Mothers 

From South Dakota USA, these 16″ postpartum pads made with love and some of my favorite pad materials.  Topped with cotton lycra ( a soft knit) with a stepped core of 2 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece (1,000 gsm) for maximum absorbency and windpro fleece for the backing.  Lots of pads available in different sizes too. Handmade in South Dakota, USA. Shop Made by Mothers here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

5. Mimis Dreams Goddess Pads

Mimis Dreams makes a 16.5 Inches (42 cm) 3″ width with a 6″ flare and 9″ wingspan! Top Fabric- 100% Cotton Woven with a super core made of 2 Layers Cotton Flannel and 2 Layers Cotton Terry. The backing is breathable and moisture resistant Windpro fleece. Pads in many other sizes are also available. Handmade in Georgia, USA. Shop Mimis Dreams here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

6. Mama Bear Baby Wear

Mama Bear Baby Wear makes quick-dry pads in natural cotton fabrics. Because the core portion unfolds like a small towel it dries very fast and may even be ideal for hand-washing cloth pads! When folded for use the center is 8 layers of soft cotton flannel + 1 layer of uber-thirsty, non-bulky Microfiber Terry. The pads are approx. 12″ long and 3.5″ wide when folded. Handmade in Kentucky, USA.  Shop these pads here.

7. Wee Essentials

WeeEssentials makes a postpartum gusset shell that can be used with virtually any pad! This completely waterproof layer is ultimate protection from leak-throughs and comes from her shop in Apple Valley Minnesota! See this pad here.

postpartum gusset shell cloth pads

8. Lushes Eco-Cloths

Lushes Eco-Cloths makes many different pad sizes and this postpartum pad that runs approximately 16″ long, 3.0″ when snapped with the option to add an extra snap to make it more narrow, custom knit top, 2 layer SHOFB & 1 layer double napped flannel core with a blizzard fleece backer. Handmade in Dallas, Texas USA. Shop this brand here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

9. Lucy and Mabs – Made in Canada

Lucy and Mabs is a well known Canadian pad maker with really great prints and patterns. The shop makes pads in all sizes including this 15″ postpartum/overnight pad with a  3.25″ width, cotton top, bamboo/organic cotton fleece core, and waterproof navy poly fleece backing. Shop this brand here.

10. Yurtcraft

Yurtcraft is a popular etsy pad shop that makes all pad sizes up to and including this 16″ postpartum pad. It’s approximately 16″ (40.7 cm) by 3″ (7.6 cm) snapped, 5.25″ (13.3 cm) flares with a cotton top, bamboo organic cotton core, WindPro polyester fleece back and polyacetal resin snaps. Handmade in Texas, USA. You can save 10% at this shop with code 10OFF.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

11. Billettes Baubles

Billettes Baubles makes two pads for postpartum. One is the Overnight/PP that has 2 layers of Bamboo Fleece, 1 layer of flannel. The second pad is the “Mega” with two layers of Bamboo Fleece, two layers of flannel! Handmade in Washington, USA. Cotton toppers in great prints with a softshell waterproof fleece backing. Shop this brand herereusable menstrual pads postpartum

12. The Whittle Whale

Reusable cloth postpartum pads up to 16″ and also smaller sizes available. This maker pairs natural and synthetic fibers and the 16″ pad has a cotton woven top, core with one layer zorb + one layer SHOBF backed with water-resistant anti-pill fleece. Handmade in Michigan, USA. Use promo code INSTA10 for 10% off & Shop this brand here. 

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

13. Huggable Earth 

These beautifully quilted pads caught my eye on Etsy! Available up to this 18″ size. Width is 3.25 inches when snapped shut (as in photo below) and flares to 8 inches wide at the bottom of the pad and 4.5 inches wide at the top of the pad. Topped with organic bamboo fleece, 2 heavy layers bamboo fleece & 1 super heavy layer of hemp bamboo fleece for a core and backed with Windpro fleece backing! USA made in NYShop this padmaker here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

14. Homestead Emporium – Made in Canada

Homestead Emporium pads are well known for their hand-dyed bamboo colors! These pads don’t last long in the shop and come in sizes up to this 18″ MegaMax pad. Super soft, hand dyed, bamboo velour tops, with high-quality, lightweight, waterproof fleece backing & natural & synthetic zorb fiber core. Shop this brand here. 

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

15. Lingonvecka Cloth Pads – Made in Sweeden

This shop makes sizes up to this 14″ Postpartum. Pads are topped with cotton woven, have a core with 3 layers of cotton fleece + 1 layer heavy flannel and backed with softshell fleece. This padmaker has sizes all the way up through postpartum and in different prints and patterns. Shop this padmaker here.

reusable menstrual pads postpartum

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