Reusable Menstrual Pad Cup Shop List

Reusable Menstrual Pad and Cup Shop List

I’m compiling a list of reusable menstrual pad and cup shops! Looking for handmade pads? Custom orders? A MeLuna Coupon? Big Menstrual Cup Shop Coupons for brands in your country? Menstrual cup coupons and cloth pad coupons? Find them here. Have one to add? Send me an e-mail!

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** Pad & Panty Shops & Coupons **

USA – based cloth pad shops (most ship Worldwide)

Make sure to scroll down, there are lots of shops!

Cloth Junkies – Ultra thin liners, panty liners, customs, flannel tops, cotton tops, reusable tampons, interlabial pads, unpaper towels, more of a square look to pad ends but can be made rounded or flared with custom orders.

GladRags – Ready to ship day pads, night, pantyliners and value kits.The XO Flo menstrual cup that offers a high-capacity at 38mls. *Worldwide shipping available.

gladrags coupon

Mama Bear Baby WearIdeal for handwashing and/or line drying these pads have a folded core that gets folded to increase layers and absorbency. Fast drying and practical these are very functional and ideal for someone who plans on air drying and/or hand washing.

Mimis Dreams – Mimis Dreams makes liners, thong liners and petite 6.5″ pads all the way through postpartum 16.5 Inches. Pad wrappers. Lots of prints. Top Fabric- 100% Cotton Woven with a super core made of 2 Layers Cotton Flannel and 2 Layers Cotton Terry. Backing is Windpro fleece.

Pampered Shop Pads – Post-partum ice pads, made-to-order Minky pads, 7-13 inch with customized absorbency. Superflare pad goes from 13 up to 23″! Pantyliner, light, moderate, heavy & ultra. Interlabial pads & Post-Partum, wetbags. Ships from California, USA. *Worldwide Shipping (I had a great experience here ordering customs)

Panty Bling Reusables – Panty Bling Reusables. Huge variety of shapes and great prints. Power-stretch Windpro backing, heavy organic bamboo fleece core, variety of toppers including hand dyed and prints. Accessories including cloth wipes, pad wrappers, interlabial pads, scrundies and sets.

panty bling coupon

Red Anchor Cloth – 9″ – 16.5″ postpartum or overnight pads with very colorful hand-dyed bamboo sherpa, organic hand-dyed bamboo velour and Cotton Woven topped. Core with Organic Bamboo/Cotton fleece core (very absorbent), coyote Windpro Backed (leak-resistant), Kam snaps. Exposed and hidden core.

THINX – Period underwear. Break the period-taboo without breaking your wallet! Save up to 20% on your next THINX purchase.

Stitch-n-Flo by De – Unique almost vintage looking patterns on pads. Softshell fleece backing, lots of floral prints.

Yurtcraft – Handmade pads including ready to ship and custom orders. Sizes 5″ – 16″ with custom choice of top and backer. Toppers include cotton and minky, the cores are a combo of organic cotton and bamboo. Backer options include wind pro, power shield pro and PUL bonded organic cotton sherpa and fleece. 10% off purchase with 10OFF

Shark Bite Pads – Various toppers on pads and backing, prints, bamboo velous, nice variety. Hidden PUL layers in some, shoftshell fleece fleece backs.

Canada based cloth pad shops (Although based in Canada, most ship Worldwide)

Empire Lush – Very thin pads due to synthetic core. Cotton woven tops in tons of prints, zorb cores, flece back. Ships from Canada. Came quickly to the USA when I ordered, reasonable shipping!

Harp Diapers – Resuable pads in various fabric toppers including minky. Pad wrappers, wetbags. Organic bamboo fleece cores, anti-pill fleece backings.

HomeSteadEmporium – Specializes in hand dyed bamboo velour pads. Offers a monthly subscription and reusable breast pads also.

LucyandMabs – Colorful prints. Handmade, huge selection of prints in cotton woven, organic cotton fabrics. Custom orders, free shipping in Canada over $150. 7-10″ pads, panty liners, wool pads, accessories and fabric yards.

Lunapads – Made in Canada pads, period underwear, period boxers, kits & accessories.

lunapads coupon

Oko Creations – Super trim natural fiber topped pads with waterproof layer, woven backing to help prevent slipping. Single or double snaps. Lots of prints. See my full Oko Creations Pads Review here.

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads – Handmade menstrual & incontinence. Minky, bamboo, period panties, post-partum, light, day, night, liners and leaf pad boosters. Accessories. *International shipping available.

** MENSTRUAL CUP SHOPs & Coupons **

Feminine Wear – Reusable menstrual cups including hard to find cups, pads and accessories! Too many cup brands to list at great prices. This menstrual cup coupon applies to all cups!

feminine wear coupon

Intimina Coupon – Lily Cup A & B plus compact collapsible Lily Cup. Also, kegel exercisers, personal massagers and washes.  Instead of offering sales for affiliates like myself, they’ve been having sporadic sales. However, the shop above has 10% off of everything including Intimina!  *International shipping.

300x250 Ziggy Cup

Lena Cup Coupon – Lena cup made in the USA and available in small and large and starter kits. Use this lena cup coupon when you Shop on Amazon.

Lunette Cup – Well known lunette cup available in two sizes and made in Finland, available in all sizes and colors from the brand. Read my full Lunette cup review here.

MeLuna USA – Home of the MeLuna Shorty! Menstrual cups in all sizes. Huge variety of diameter, low cervix and 3 color choices. Use MeLuna Cup Coupon Code GVAG7 to save!

meluna coupon

Menstrual – Huge selection of cups, Ladypads, SkoonPads, Diaphragms, Cervical caps, Yoni health, pee funnels, Yoni eggs, Slick chicks panties, Menstrual sponges, Incostress incontinence device… The list goes on. * International Shipping. No Menstrual Cup Coupon code needed, just click on the link!

Period Shop – Kim from PACII has opened her own USA based shop! Even carries the Merula. Save 10% with code TGV10

period shop promo code

Ruby Cup – Two sizes & buy1 give 1 program where they give to menstruators in need.

ruby cup coupon

Coppetta Menstruale (Worldwide shipping) Large selection of menstrual cups including some hard to find like the Gai cup. Mexico based. Use this MenstrualCup Coupon to save on your purchase!

UltuCup – UltuCup Menstrual Cup Coupon. Want to simplify your period? Get $5 off + FREE Shipping in the USA of your first UltuCup purchase. This 100% USA made product comes in 3 model sizes, perfect for your sensitive anatomy. FREE SHIPPING within the USA.

ultucup coupon

SelenaCup – Get Free Shipping at SelenaCup’s website with menstrual cup coupon GREENVAGINA

Dame products – Dame products are made by women for women to close the pleasure gap. Dame products include the Eva ll, Pom, Fin & product bundles. Save with this Dame Coupon on your purchase!

dame coupon

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