Period Panties – Do They Work + Brand Breakdown

Period Panties – Do They Work + Brand Breakdown

Period panties or Period Underwear have recently become very popular. Many menstruators use them for period cup backup, as a replacement for menstrual pads, instead of panty liners and as a great overnight period solution.

Period panties come in a huge range of sizes, absorbencies and from many brands.

Do Period Panties really work? What are your options and brands to shop for? Answers below:

period panties

Period panties are worn during your menstrual cycle to replace a menstrual pad or as a backup for your pad or menstrual cup.

Period Panties/Underwear come in different levels of absorbency, a large range of sizes and fabrics. Some absorb a whole lot and others are just a hidden thin layer of waterproof fabric for small leaks.

Some period panties have a waterproof PUL layer that doesn’t allow liquid to pass through while others are 100% breathable and absorb but don’t have the laminate layer.

In addition to the large range of options, prices vary drastically. You can pay upwards of $40 for one pair of THINK panties while endless more reasonably priced brands go for $10-$12 on Amazon for a similar product.

Factors to consider when picking period panties

  • Level of absorbency needed
    • Some period panties have absorbency and others are just for tiny leaks
  • PUL waterproof layer or all breathable fabrics
  • Worn alone or as a menstrual cup or pad backup
  • Style & cut
    • Briefs
    • Hip huggers
    • Bikini
    • Thong
    • Boxer briefs

Some Period Panties Absorb and Some Don’t

When looking at period panties, the level of absorbency is important. Some period panties have absorbent layers like a pad and others are just a layer of waterproof material or a very thin layer of extra fabric.

Determining your absorbency needs will determine which panties are right for you.

Do you want them to work like a pad or as a backup to your overnight pad in case menstrual blood runs off of the back or front?

Read the fine print

Fine print matters. I was shopping for period panties and thought I found the perfect pair! Moments before hitting order, I read in the very last details of a giant paragraph “not for absorption, to prevent leaks only” nearly at the end of a long description. They looked like they absorbed, the photos were great but low and behold…just a waterproof layer.

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What about THINX?

THINX is possibly the most well-known brand of period panties. However, the brand has developed a horrible reputation with media outlets and bloggers and in my opinion isn’t a brand I would support with their history of stiffing affiliates and bloggers. I do hope my opinion changes, however after a popular period website published an article about how the brand stiffed them on commissions…let’s not get hung up and keep going.

However, I thought I’d take a look at them first-hand and decide for myself.

Are they worth the price? I’ve had the opportunity to handle several pairs and styles of THINX. In my opinion, the $40 price tag is high considering there are many other brands out there for less with great quality, cuter prints, colors, even lacy and every style you can imagine.

I haven’t purchased any but if I do I’ll be sure to update here.

thinx period underwear

Up to 20% on *any* style when you build a cycle set at THINX.


If you love Lunapads, the Canadian pad maker, you’ll want the accompanying Lunapanties. These underwear are designed by the brand to work directly with their pads and come in hipsters, boxer briefs, bikinis and even thongs. I had the opportunity to see these at PERIOD CON and as someone who doesn’t have a lot of Lunapads in my stash, these wouldn’t work for me but would be a great addition to a startup or existing collection from this brand.

lunaundies period underwear


LaliPanties come from the makers of the LaliCup, one of my favorite high capacity menstrual cups. I do have a pair of these panties and they provide a very thin layer of waterproof fabric but do not provide absorbency. They are great for under a reusable pad that may leak through or for cup backup for just a small amount but wouldn’t work well on a heavy day without another method of absorbency or collection.

See those here with WW shipping options.

Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Brands

Many Etsy sellers, often referred to as Work at Home Mom (WAHM), that specialize in menstrual pads have expanded into period panties. The items are often custom order and can be made to your specifications.

You can find many custom made Period Panties on Etsy! In fact, you can often order customs and get exactly what you’re looking for from someone making custom items. You can shop those here.

Amazon’s Huge Selection

Amazon has the largest selection I’ve. You can get everything from typical briefs to super stylish, lacy, prints in every cut and size imaginable. While they have the largest assortment available, you often must rely on consumer reviews to determine which panties are quality and which should be left behind.

Unfortunately, consumer reviews aren’t what they appear to be at Amazon. As a blogger, I get solicited several times a day to be paid to leave reviews or to receive products in exchange for favorable 5-star reviews. You can see what they have in stock but I recommend using Prime for free shipping and also free returns in case what you get isn’t great quality.

period underwear amazon

Where I usually refer people

Typically, I refer people to Modibodi. They have a huge selection of sizes, styles, absorbencies and options. Downsides? They ship from Australia so people ordering from other countries have to make sure to pay attention to the size chart because return shipping can be a pain.

Shop their huge selection here & you can also find a few sizes & styles on Amazon!

modibodi period panties

period panties

Do they work?

If you find the right pair to meet your needs. Yes! They work.

Period panties work as a cup or pad backup and you can even get super absorbent panties that work like a pad. Just like finding the right cup or pad, you may need to try a few styles before you find your unicorn.

What’s your favorite brand of period panties?

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