Chimparoo Air-O Carrier Giveaway USA/Canada ends 10/15

Baby carriers are a great way to keep caregivers and babies happy. Plus, if you’re working on strengthing your pelvic floor muscles with baby in tow…a carrier is a great way to do it! Recently, Chimparoo added a new designer collection with woven wraps, Mei Tais, ringslings and TREK carriers made from gorgeous woven fabric: The Chimparoo Designer Collection. Now, the popular TREK carrier comes in both a standard woven conversion and in the new TREK Air-O that features a breathable panel. This helps keep baby cool while providing support. Enter to win your choice of TREK Air-O from Chimparoo below!

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Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic Floor Muscles

To address kegel exercises I must first talk about your pelvic floor muscles. If Kegel exercises are designed to address a weakness in the pelvic floor, you are probably wondering what your pelvic floor is.

Your pelvic floor is very important because it supports your intestines, bladder, uterus, organs and maintains urinary and anal continence via sphincters. (1) Weakness can cause all sorts of issues including peeing yourself a little bit to a whole lot and pelvic organ prolapse: When your organs drop into your vaginal canal at varying degrees. They even impact orgasm quality and control of your rectum.

So what are your pelvic floor muscles? Here they are!

pelvic floor muscles

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Steam, it’s not just for your vegetables. It’s for your vagina.

Vaginal steaming, V-Steaming or V-Steam

What’s vaginal steaming and should you do it? Vaginal steaming also known as v-steaming, v-steam or traditionally as yoni steaming. It’s is a technique “…whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood and basil.” (1) This process is widespread and has been practiced throughout history by many cultures.

Why would someone steam or smoke their vagina? Would you hover your vulva over a steaming hot pot of water and herbs? The details may surprise you.

vaginal steaming v-steaming v-steam

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Clarycalm essential oils for your uterus

I am a skeptic. I’m not sure most of the products on the market work. Pharmaceutical products, natural products etc. and I love proving myself wrong. I started collecting essential oils when I became a Mom. I suddenly felt a burning desire to search for natural ingredients that have proven results. I always liked the way the oils smelled, but wanted to move past smell and into therapeutic use.

Therapeutic grade matters. Not all essential oils are the same. The process in which the oils are derived matters. Cold pressing typically produces therapeutic grade essential oils and any heating destroys the therapeutic properties. I have been drawn to doTerra oils because they do extensive testing and product therapeutic grade oils and blends.

doterra clarycalm essential oils for menstruation

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Transgender Menstruation

Transgender Menstruation

Some menstruators are men. 

I want it to be clear on this website that all menstruators are welcome. So, welcome.

I live in a small town. In fact, I live in the part of the world often attributed to our recent president’s election success. The bigoted, heroin addicted armpit of the world that is definitely racist and unwilling to accept anything outside of what they consider to be the norm.

These are not my beliefs.

As a young woman, I was raised to accept everyone. If you don’t like someone, don’t like them because they’re an awful person. Not because of how they dress, who they love or what they believe. How you treat others, animals and the environment determines your ability to be labeled as a good or bad person. The end.

transgender menstruation

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Reusable Menstrual Pad Cup Shop List

Reusable Menstrual Pad and Cup Shop List

I’m compiling a list of reusable menstrual pad and cup shops! Looking for handmade pads? Custom orders? Big brands in your country? Find them here. Have one to add? Send me an e-mail!

reusable menstrual pad shops reusable menstrual cup shops

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Cozyfolk – Ready to ship handmade reusable pads. Black background with cotton/flannel print toppers. Panty liners, moderate, day pads all the way through 14″ XL. *Worldwide shipping available.

GladRags – Ready to ship day pads, night, pantyliners and value kits.Save $10 on value kits with REUSE2017 limit one per person. The XO Flo menstrual cup that offers a high-capacity at 38mls. *Worldwide shipping available.

Hand Sewn By Me – Specializes in exposed core pads. Ready to ship printed pads 9″ – 20″ with fleece or waterproof PUL backing. and cloth pad sets available. *Worldwide shipping available

Pampered Shop Pads – Post-partum ice pocket pads, made-to-order Minky pads, 7-13 inch with customized absorbency. Superflare pad goes from 13 up to 23″! Pantyliner, light, moderate, heavy & ultra. Interlabial pads & Post-Partum, wetbags. Ships from California, USA. *Worldwide Shipping

Pink Lemonade Shop – Personal favorite shop — Ready to ship handmade reusable menstrual pads, minky, bamboo, silk, cotton and poly jersey topped, post-partum, day, night, thong and panty liners. Diva cup, MeLuna Cup & Lily Cup. Wet bags. Reward points. *Worldwide shipping available. Shipping usually takes an extended time.

Trojacek Farms – Custom order handmade pads including OBV and Minky as centers, flannel pad body. Day pads, liners, overnights and thongs. Wetbags and replacement parts. *Worldwide shipping available.


Baby Footprint – Lunapads, Lunapanties, Oko Creations pads, Treehugger cloth pads, Divacup & Femmecycle menstrual cups, wash & wetbags. * Canada & USA shipping

Lagoon Baby – A Large shop that carries several reusable pad brands and the Diva cup.

Posh Cloth Products – Handmade designer cotton topped reusable menstrual pads. Some organic cotton and bamboo velour. Lots of florals. *International shipping

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads – Handmade menstrual & incontinence. Minky, bamboo, period panties, post-partum, light, day, night, liners and leaf pad boosters. Accessories. *International shipping available.


Intimina – Lily Cup A & B plus compact collapsible Lily Cup. Also, kegel exercisers, personal massagers and washes.  Get FREE SHIPPING on Lily Cups at! Use code LILYCUP3 (Expires 9/30/17) *International shipping.

Menstrual – Huge selection of cups, Ladypads, SkoonPads, Diaphragms, Cervical caps, Yoni health, pee funnels, Yoni eggs, Slick chicks panties, Menstrual sponges, Incostress incontinence device… The list goes on. * International Shipping.



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