Reusable Menstrual Cups for Heavy Flow

Reusable Menstrual Cups for Heavy Flow/ High Capacity Menstrual Cups for heavy periods

Reusable menstrual cups for heavy flow & clots are increasing in popularity. While most menstrual cups come in a size 1 and a size 2, or small and large and most have about the same capacity, around 30 mls for their large cup, many brands have introduced heavy flow menstrual cups in many sizes & price ranges!

Many menstruators find that their menstrual cup volume isn’t enough, it fills up quickly, overflows and can’t go long between emptying. Many find that a reusable menstrual cup with a higher volume is the solution! Here are heavy flow menstrual cups below. Check out what high capacity menstrual cups are available!

reusable menstrual cups for heavy flow high capacity menstrual cups

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Why would one need a menstrual cup for heavy flow?

Menstrual cups for heavy flow are great for menstruators who need them for an entire cycle or just for heavy days. I have 2-3 very heavy days during my menstrual cycle and often turn to a high capacity menstrual cup to help keep me dry, especially if I’m out in public or running errands.

While most brands offer two size cups, typically their large cup only goes to 30 mls. A 30 ml cup is just not enough for someone with high capacity cup needs. The good news is that there are many great cups out there for heavy flow days and lots to choose from!

1.XO Flo by Gladrags

The XO Flo by Gladrags is a heavy flow reusable menstrual cup. I can go several hours, even on my heavy days, before emptying. While I like the capacity here, I have found that I need a tapered cup and less rounded bottom. This cup does pop open nicely and it’s slick design means that it often sneaks it’s way up to my cervix on it’s own, which can make it hard to remove. Read my full XO Flow Review here.

Diameter: 45mm
Cup Length Without Stem: 55mm
Cup Length With Stem: 86mm
Cup Volume – 38 mls
Origin: USA

xo flo review

2. LaliCup Large & Medium

The LaliCup is designed for higher capacity. They offer three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large and each cup holds more than your standard reusable menstrual cup. However, the large has an impressive capacity! Their Large holds 41.3ml, the Medium holds 36.5 placing it a whole 6.5 mls over the capacity of a Lena or Diva size 2. Read my full Lalicup Review Here.

LaliCup Large

Diameter: 46.6
Cup Length Without Stem: 54mm
Cup Length With Stem: 73mm
Volume: 41.3ml

LaliCup Medium

Diameter: 44.2 mm
Cup Length Length Without Stem: 51 mm
Cup Length With Stem: 73 mm
Cup Volume: 36.5 ml
Origin: The EU


Yuuki Size 2

The Yuuki Size 2 is one of my favorite reusable menstrual cups for heavy flow. I first turn to this cup, and then the LaliCup mentioned above. I love the rainbow, it’s comfortable with the taper and the colors make my cycle a bit more enjoyable. They also offer different firmnesses in this cup. The rainbow is softer and their classic firmness comes in transparent.

Read my full Yuuki Cup Review here. 

Diameter: 46 mm
Cup Length Length Without Stem: 56 mm
Cup Length With Stem: 74 mm
Cup Volume: 37 ml
Origin: Czech Republic

yukki cup review yukki cup rainbow

4. The Super Jennie Large

With a capacity similar to the LaliCup Large, the Super Jennie has become a popular reusable menstrual cup for heavy flow. I tried out the small and large Super Jennie Cup and found that the small was way too soft for me and the large is a bit firmer but still on the soft side. This cup opens with a few tricks for me but can get crushed at night.

Diameter: 47 mm
Cup Length Length Without Stem: 52 mm
Cup Length With Stem: 68 mm
Cup Volume: 41.61 ml
Origin: USA

Read my full Super Jennie Review here.

super jennie reusable menstrual cup

5. Merula Cup – Also Good for Low Cervix

Menstruators with both a heavy flow and low cervix can find menstrual cup shopping to be especially challenging. One cup increasing in popularity if the Merula cup.

See my full Merula Cup review here.

Diameter of the rim: 40mm
Diameter of the body: 46mm
Cup Length Without Stem: 39mm
Cup Length With Stem: 50mm (1 ring left), 60mm ( ring cut) , 72mm (2 rings cut)
Cup Volume: 38ml
Origin: Germany

low cervix merula cup

Merula Cup XL

The Merula Cup designed for high-capacity, low cervix users recently released another edition! The Merula Cup XL. Available currently in “Strawberry,” this cup is both longer and has an even higher volume than the Merula cup low cervix. Holding a jaw-dropping 50mls, this super heavy flow cup challenges users to overflow it!

Read my full Merula XL Review here.

Diameter of the rim – 46 mm / 1.811 in
Total length from 1st stem ring: 72 mm / 2.835 in
Total length from 2nd stem ring: 61 mm / 2.402 in
Cup length without stem – 50 mm / 1.969 in.
Cup Volume – 50 ml / 1.691 fl. oz.
Origin: Germany
merula cup xl

In summary

As someone with a heavy flow, particularly 2-3 scary heavy days, I can certainly appreciate these cups! Last month I was post-op just a few days, got my period and had to attend a funeral on my heaviest day. I used my Yuuki size 2 and went a full 4 hours before needing to empty.

While currently the XO Flo, Yuuki Size 2, LaliCup Medium and Large, Super Jennie and Merula cup are the current high capacity cups on the marker, with the popularity of reusable menstrual products increasing I am sure more will be released as demand grows.

I appreciate your comments and input, maybe your experience will help others!

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