The Best Menstrual Cups for Running, Swimming & Yoga +

The Best Menstrual Cups for Running & Exercise

Using a menstrual cup for running and exercise requires a cup that’s firm enough to withstand the flexing and movement of your pelvic floor and vagina. If your cup is too soft you’ll know fast! I’ve found that a menstrual cup that is too soft for activity can fold and leak and even slide out!

No one wants to birth their menstrual cup in the downward dog position, swimming or running somewhere far away from a restroom. Be prepared and test your cup out ahead of time and make sure it’s firm enough to withstand the strength of your pelvic floor!

menstrual cups for running

I love menstrual cups of all sizes and firmnesses. After the birth of my 4th baby my cervix developed sensitivity and I can appreciate a soft cup. However, when I take my kids swimming, use the elliptical, awkwardly try to do yoga at home or go trail running…I need a firmer cup.

I have made the mistake of wearing a menstrual cup that’s too soft and the feeling of the cup folding and gushing on a trail still haunts me. I won’t make that mistake again and want to share some of my favorite firm menstrual cups for running with you! I also wear these for other exercise activities and have compiled a list.

Keep in mind that the best menstrual cup is going to be the one that fits your body and works best for you. These are some that I have tried and enjoy and I hope they give you some thought and inspiration.

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My go-to menstrual cup for running is my Lunette size 2.

Unlike other brands where the small cup is firm and the large cup soft, Lunette has the cups reversed. Their smaller cup is softer and the larger size is more firm. This means that I can have an average flow or even heavier flow day and use my Lunette 2 without worry!

While I don’t have a pelvic floor of steel, I’ve delivered 4 babies and I’m sure I could be more active… I do go running a few times a week when my schedule allows. I love that this cup doesn’t flex and leak when I’m on the move.

menstrual cups for running

XO Flo Large

Gladrags recently came out with the XO Flo mini. However, out of all my high-capacity menstrual cups. If I’m on a very heavy day and need to go running…and the Lunette 2 won’t do (usually it will)…I wear my XO Flo large. It tends to sneak up high but pops open reliably. I find that this cup isn’t comfortable enough for all day use but I can wear it to run even with a heavy flow day without leaking like my Super Jennie high flow cup.

xo flo review

MeLuna Sport

MeLuna has menstrual users of all cervix heights in mind with their MeLuna sport model! They offer their standard size cups plus all low cervix models in their more firm sport version. Made of medical grade TPE these cups are even great for someone with a silicone sensitivity and the size range is fantastic.

My friend and avid runner switched from a softer cup to the Me Luna sport shorty and says “As a regular runner I had a hard time getting cups to open up properly, the sport model makes it easy.”

If you can’t find a great size here between all the diameters and regular + low cervix “shorty” models, one may not exist! Find these cups here for purchase.


menstrual cups for running


Standard length above & shorty models below.
menstrual cups for running


menstrual cups for yoga

The Selena Cup Aktiv

The Selena Cup is gaining popularity and has a nice firmness! I did my Selena Cup Review and found adjusting to the firmness of their regular cup took a few days. In addition, they also offer an activ model that is a firmer silicone material for active menstruators.

While not yet available for sale everywhere, in Austria you may find this cup at the pharmacy! I have contacted my affiliate and asked that they carry this brand for easy ordering and WW shipping. Now you have to contact the brand and ask to order. More on their website.

menstrual cups for running

Yuuki Classic Firmness

I love my Yuuki Rainbow cups. However, these cups are their lowest level of firmness and there are 2 sizes above it. The Yuuki small may be the firmest cup I’ve felt! In addition, their “soft” is a bit firmer than other brands’ that label their cups soft. I personally have the Yuuki rainbow set and love the size 2 as my high capacity cup. Even as their softest cup I find it to be firmer than other brands’ “soft” cups.

If you have a vagina of steel and can squish even the other cups above…this is the way to go!

menstrual cups for running

Where can you buy these cups with WW shipping?

This menstrual cup website has a great selection and WW shipping!

If you can’t find it there, you can find cups here and use code GREENVAG for 10% off!

If you have a favorite firm menstrual cup for running, swimming or other sorts of exercise share below and happy menstruating.

** This post makes no attempt to diagnose or treat any condition and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please keep in mind that every body and anatomy is different and you must consult your medical practitioner for individual concerns. 

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