Can a Menstrual Cup Quiz Really Pick The Best Cup?

Can a Menstrual Cup Quiz Really Pick The Best Cup?

I belong to a number of chat groups. When someone starts out searching for their perfect cup it never fails. Someone will jump on the post and say “take the quiz!”

What’s a menstrual cup quiz? If you ever took one of the surveys in the back of a Cosmopolitan magazine as a teen, you know the feeling. Filling out questions, the suspense building as you get closer to the end. Eagerly waiting to find out some new and insightful piece of information about yourself you didn’t quite know was there. All to be surprised, possibly enlightened…pause and turn the page onto the next article.

Can a menstrual cup quiz really pick the best cup?

menstrual cup quiz

The first quiz I became familiar with is the well-known website Put a Cup In It Quiz. It being your vagina. The authors put together a fast, fun and easy way to recommend a menstrual cup based on several predictive questions commonly asked of cup users.

I took it! Why not right? I loved taking the quizzes in the back of Cosmo and I adore the ones that pop up on facebook…althought I don’t usually share my results. This quiz recommended several models to me that are okay, were a good place to start, but are not my current favorite cup.

My favorite(s)came after trial and error and getting to know my own body especially how my cervix moves around during my cycle and different flow-needs. For example, I have 2-3 days that require a heavy flow cup if I’m cupping-it for that span. I can also wear both small and large models, contrary to what many brands recommend…but, it was a good place to start.

I firmly believe that everyone needs to start somewhere and try a good cup. It’s really the only real way to know if it’s too firm, too soft, too long, too short or if the capacity is large or small enough.

Do you need a quiz to get started? No. Measure your cervix, consider your pelvic floor strength, birth history…and go for it! There are lots of great brands and options to choose from!

Quiz-Takers Beware. 

When something becomes popular, everyone wants in. Now, it seems like everyone has a quiz. Why? The quiz may lead to sales, affiliate referrals which all lead to increased earnings $$ and popularity. Websites run adds, banners and generate income when you make a purchase either directly from them or through one of their adds. Everyone needs to eat! See, this is an affiliate banner below (the thin lunette one). I think most websites have them.

I took a menstrual cup quiz today, from a different website that sells cups and provides reviews and recommendations. The results? It recommended a low cervix cup for me…a high cervix cup user. Possibly the worst cup I could try because I may not be able to retrieve it simply because it’s too short for my vaginal canal. Disaster!

My thoughts? Imagine if I was a first-time cup user…who bought the short cup and tried using it. I could find myself in a scary situation…trying to retrieve a cup I should have never used in the first place!

I tried another quiz a few weeks ago and it recommended a middle of the line cup. One that could be great for an average cervix height user and average firmness. I thought I’d test the quiz again. To my surprise? No matter what I put in…the same cup always appeared as my ideal cup even when I cleared my cache and tried from a different device. I’ll take this middle of the line cup over the cup that’s too short…but it’s not an ideal cup for my needs either.

A fourth quiz I took simply didn’t work. It was launched and published without even being functional.

As time passes one thing is certain. There will be more quizzes and people hoping to cash in on the success of the original from PACII. I am sure of this! I’m not even going to link to the other 3 I found above because I hope no one else finds them in their current state.

(Pinterest image below)

Why are menstrual cup quizzes so desirable?

For readers, it seems like everyone is looking for an easy answer. Not just for picking the best menstrual cup, but for literally everything in life. Quizzes are fun, popular and as I mentioned earlier can lead us to new discovery and insight into who we are as people in just a few minutes.

With the right quiz you may find the cup of your dreams! Or, as one person put it in a chat group “I’ve bought over 10 cups based on quizzes and not one of them was right for me and wasted so much money!”

For website owners…many seem to be saying “I see this is popular…I want one too!” From what I’ve found, the quiz quality is on the decline and I’m sure there are many more to come.

Finding a menstrual cup is really an individual process. I’ve helped many friends and family members find their perfect cup but unless you’re coming over for coffee, we see each other at soccer or are in The Green Vagina chat group I can only provide tips in articles. If there is something you don’t see here that you want to see…let me know!

What’s a menstruator to do? 

I’m a nuts and bolts, practial person. Finding a cup really starts with your cervix height. Most cups come in a size small 1 and size 2 or pre-birth under 30 or post-birth and/or over 30. However, the lengths vary greatly. If you get one too long it may stick out or too short and it may be hard to get it out after it’s settled. Cervix height is really an important piece of the puzzle.

If you do go on a quiz taking spree…please keep in mind the information I’ve provided. I cringe thinking that menstruators are being recommended a way too short cup with a high cervix and being placed in a scary situation. Please…measure the height of your cervix and go from there!

I can guarantee that as quiz popularity continues to increase…new quizzes will continue to pop up and provide what may be scary recommendations to quiz takers.

Starting fresh? Here are tips for first-time cup users and I recommend that users reach out to friends or family or even an online. I wish I had a magic wand BUT finding the right cup and then getting it to work often takes time, several cycles and troubleshooting for even the most skilled vagina explorers.

Know your body. Know your needs. Use all of the tools available to you to make an informed decision.


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