LaliCup Review

LaliCup Review

LaliCup reusable menstrual cups have become a great addition to my menstrual cup stash. I love that they have 3 size options, are higher capacity menstrual cups and come in a wide range of colors. The ridges on the base of the cups and stem help with removal and overall they are designed for comfort.

Read my LaliCup Review below and see photos of my review samples next to other brands for comparison!

lalicup review

Disclosure: I received samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

LaliCup is the first Slovenian menstrual cup and was brought to the market by a group of friends looking for something made in Slovenia.

The first thing I noticed about the LaliCup is the wide range of colors and sizes. While many brands offer two sizes, LaliCup offers 3! In addition, the cups are geared towards higher capacity users and the largest size keeps right up with my Yuuki Cup and Xo Flo.

LaliCup Features:

  • Made in Slovenia
  • Medical-grade silicones are tested for biocompatibility according to FDA
    • Latex and BPA free
    • Made in the EU
  • Can be worn up to 12 hours
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • Small, Medium and Large
  • Small LaliCup: 
    • Recommended for women with light menstrual flow and strong vaginal muscles, women with very sensitive bladder and virgins (also the ones with heavy menstrual flow). It is made of soft, very flexible silicone.
    • Volume: 27.4 ml / Diameter: 40.3 mm / Total Length Length: 46 mm
  • Medium LaliCup:
    • Recommended for women with medium to heavy menstrual flow.
    • Volume: 36.5 ml / Diameter: 44.2 mm / Length: 51 mm / Stem: 22 mm
  • Large LaliCup:
    • Recommended for older women with weaker vaginal muscles, women with heavy menstrual flow and women who have given birth vaginally.
    • Volume: 41.3 ml / Diameter: 46,6 mm / Length: 54 mm / Stem: 19 mm
  • All 3 sizes available in color-free clear
  • Ridges on the bottom of cup and step to help you get a grip
  • Slightly larger holes
  • Second rim to help prevent leaks
  • Soft, flexible rounded stem

lalicup review

lalicup review

Cup comparisons!

High Capacity Cups – From Left to Right:

lalicup review

lalicup review

LaliCup Medium compared to (from left to right) to other brands “large” size cups. 

lalicup review

lalicup review

LaliCup Small Comparison below from left to right:

lalicup review

lalicup review

Overall Impression

When I first took the LaliCups out of the box I noted their softness. One of the things noted in the “about us” section of the LaliCup website is the group’s desire to have a cup that wasn’t too soft and had a nice flexible stem. They have achieved that here!

At first, I thought the L cup would be too soft to open. I can wear the Yuuki size 2 as long as I punch down and release it high and that worked too with the LaliCup large! I find it very comfortable. In fact, I found myself looking for it and forgot that I was already using it! Haha.

The LaliCup Medium has had some difficulty for me. I can’t get it to open with a C fold, which is true for me with all softer cups, opens with some convincing and the punch down. I can wear it, I find it comfortable for a few hours, but after time the rim starts to make its presence known. This baffles me because the Large is super comfortable for me!

The small is great. I can wear the small without issue and is perfect for light days. When I hold it, it reminds me of the shape of the small lena cup but with increased softness and I love the black cup.

Where can you buy the Lalicup?

LaliCup also carries pads, panties, wash and other goodies! Currently:

I hope they come to Amazon USA soon too! I do adore Prime Shipping.

What do you think?

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