K-Fit Kegel Toner Review – First Impressions Using the Device

K-Fit Kegel Toner Review – First Impressions Sending Electrical Impulses Through My Vagina

The pelvic floor has to be the most neglected muscle system in the human body. Without my personal knowledge through my occupation as an Occupational Therapist, the only time anyone mentioned anything related to my pelvic floor was a vague mention by my Mom about “doing kegels at stop signs” and my OB mentioning that I have a “mild cystocele” after the birth of my 4th baby. She also mentioned that we’d “deal with it” when I was in my 40’s and it really started to cause trouble. No therapy, no recommendations for home exercise…

Why isn’t the pelvic floor more of a focus? Talking about anything below the belt and above the knees is still considered taboo. With an estimated 30-50% of people with a uterus over 30 experiencing some level of urinary incontinence…you think it would be on billboards, the sides of coffee cups and focused on a lot.

I hope things change. I also hope that I’m doing my part! I started testing out the K-Fit Kegel Toner and wanted to share my first impressions with you. What’s a Kegel Toner? It’s one of many devices available to help tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Except, unlike my low-tech kegel weights, this uses electric stimulation to exercise the pelvic floor with zero effort on my part.

Here’s more about how it works and how sending electrical impulses through my vagina is going:

k-fit kegel toner review

The K-Fit Kegel Toner works by using EMS. “Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.” (1)

I am not new to EMS. I have a TENS unit, I have a certification through Occupational Therapy to administer physical agent modalities to other persons and I really believe in the benefit of this technology.

An EMS unit like this uses electrical stimulation to create a muscle contraction. Essentially, exercising your muscles for you while you scroll through your phone, watch TV or read a book. Easy right?

I want to use the device for general strengthening. I have delivered 4 babies and while I do exercise my whole body and pelvic floor exercises I could always be doing more. I’ve also had 1 c-section, an episotomy and 3 vbacs. My current exercise happens in-between my family’s schedule and to be honest I typically come last. I like this machine because it is easy to do at home, targets the right muscles and requires little effort on my part!

Getting started

To start, I read the k-fit kegel toner instruction manual, uncovered the plastic covered 9-volt battery, cleaned the vaginal probe with alcohol like they suggested, rinsed it and washed with menstrual cup cleanser and closed my bedroom door. I laid down and was able to insert the probe easily with the ridge you see at the base sitting outside of my vagina as the instructions said to do. I was ready.

However…I’m going to be honest. I was terrified to push the power button and turn on this device.

Suddenly, the silver colored contacts on the vaginal probe seemed very scary. I thought, what could go wrong? I’ve done NMES on myself using electrode patches around my pelvic floor but not directly inside my vagina. I wondered…how committed am I to trying this? The answer…I turned it on.

k-fit kegel toner review

k-fit kegel toner instructions review

k-fit kegel toner review

I pushed the power button

To my surprise I literally felt nothing. One thing I wasn’t sure about was weather the metal parts should face my hips or face front and back. I was laying in bed ready to remove the device if something went wrong. I kept hitting the plus (+) button and turning up the stimulator. The instructions said to use a minimum of 30 and to start with program 1 (P1).

10, 11, 12…28, 29, 30…I started to feel something. Like a pulsing or throbbing of the impulse. I turned it up to 35 and did the program for about 10 minutes. Then, I switched to P2 which was the program designed for toning and those ready to start strengthening. This program felt more like a traditional TENs unit program. Instead of thumping it has periods of on, when the muscles are contracting, and periods of rest when the impulses go to zero. This is the program I’ve stuck with.

I feel as though the pelvic floor is pulling inward. Not a huge area. Maybe the size of my hand or a little smaller but not as far back as my butt bones, you know the two I’m talking about, and not as far forward as my pubic bone. Not uncomfortable and I’m definitely hopeful!

The instructions say to do this twice a day but honestly I have time for once. I did try walking completing chores while running the program. I mean, the device comes with a belt clip. What else could it be for? I found this impossible. If I bent or sneezed I squeezed my muscles and pushed it right out. Lying down it is!

What about electrode gel? I tried gel and it didn’t make a difference. If you are dry I imagine it would help but I personally didn’t notice a difference with or without it.

The program is designed to be used for 12 weeks and I’ve just started. I will let you know how I feel at the end of 12 weeks!

Thoughts? Have you tried a kegel toner?

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