Funniest Period Tweets on Twitter

Some people call their best friend, others keep to themselves. Some head straight to twitter when they have period problems. Here are the funniest period tweets live, for the public on twitter.

1.Oh no…I don’t think it will listen.

2. Use a water pick???

3. Not enough coffee in the world…

4. I hope she called off to work today.

5. Gushing with joy.

6. Apple, you’re failing us all.

7. Exceeding the maximum…can you say leaking from overflow?

8. Bless me Father…I love menstrual cups.

9. Get to know yourself on a personal level.

10. I have no idea what the tweet was that prompted this response, but this is great

11. Time to read my pelvic floor article

12. This sounds like a new reality show idea

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