Cloth Pad Pattern Free +

Cloth Pad Pattern Free + Great Cloth Pad Patterns You Can Buy!

If you’re interested in sewing cloth pads, you’ll want to find a pattern. Why? These patterns have been designed and tested thoroughly to make sure you get the best pad on your first try. Why spend the time trying to develop your own pad pattern when there are cloth pad pattern free + many available to purchase at a reasonable price?

Want to find free cloth pad patterns? Here’s a collection of available patterns for cloth pads.

cloth pad pattern free

Whether you’re making your first cloth pad diy or your 500th reusable menstrual pad, cloth pad patterns are a great way to make different shapes, sizes and absorbencies. There are great cloth pad patterns for free and also many great cloth pad patterns you can purchase.

Cloth Pad Patterns FREE

Luna Wolf Pattern – Previously a paid tutorial, the author has decided to release this in-depth pattern and how-to for free! It’s available in several versions. Patterns include:  pantiliner, 8.5 inch pad, 9 inch pad, 10.5 inch pad, and 11.75 inch pad.

The Cher – FREE pattern from Verosdile, master pattern maker, with sizes 7,9,11,13 and 15″! You can download the PDF here (added with the owner’s permission) and join the Versodile Group on Facebook for chatter, help, sewing instructions and more FREE cloth pad patterns!

Blue Dinosaur – Cloth pad tutorial with 2 patterns, regular and overnight. Both available in PDF. Says “no seam allowance” so you must cut liberally around the pattern to have room for sewing.

The Eco-Friendly Family – This is a very simple pattern, really looks like an outline, not nearly as in-depth as the Luna Wolf Pad pattern & instructions. Available in Day pattern and she also offers a set of updated patterns to purchase for $5.

Jan Andrea – This is also a more simple version pattern, but more in-depth than the Eco-Friendly family. This pad has a pattern for the core too. Offers one-size, 9.5″ long.

Cloth Connection Outreach – Facebook group has pad patterns for seamstresses who wish to sew cloth pads to donate to their organization. They provide free cloth pads to menstruators who qualify. This group is only for persons wishing to sew pads for the organization. This is the application for free cloth pads for those who qualify.

If you need to get any cloth pad pattern into a PDF I suggest using cloud convert.

Pad Patterns to Buy

Dreamline Design – Large selection of pad shapes including Rounded pads, Muffin shaped top pads pattern, Titan mini, Monstress pad, Teardrop, Battle Axe Shape and Sparrow.

Versodile – Huge selection of all sizes and shapes of pads including traditional rounded, llama, Pineapple, Tango, Moonrise, Ignite, Dragon, Jungle Fur, Lip Liners…and many more unique patterns!

The Happy Hippos – Great unique patterns including a Kitty/Cat pad pattern, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Curvy/rounded classic, Curvy/rounded wide, Flutter Front Bleeder, Serged wing wrap, Ice Cream Cone shape and many more!

Leak Freak – Over 70 different pad header and footer shapes. Does not include the middle of the pad, these are for the front and back shape because the center/wing options are separate. Animals, Princess collection, Flared, Pointed, Rounded…huge opportunity to customize pads.

All Fluffed Up – 59 patterns including standard shapes and some really unique patterns like an Elf, Casper the ghost, Wilbur the bear, some flares with unique designs like a pumpkin flare and front bleeding patterns too.

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Cloth pad sewing supplies

Depending on the cloth pad pattern your purchase, typically a cloth pad has 3-4 layers. The pad topper – part that touches your skin. The core – absorbency. Pad backing which is often something like windpro fleece or PUL which is water resistant.

Where do you buy these supplies? I have some from various locations. Fabric groups on Facebook for pad toppers in amazing prints, but you can go anywhere including JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart for supplies or even upcycle materials you already have!



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