Reusable Menstrual Pad Cup Shop List

Reusable Menstrual Pad and Cup Shop List

I’m compiling a list of reusable menstrual pad and cup shops! Looking for handmade pads? Custom orders? Big brands in your country? Find them here. Have one to add? Send me an e-mail!

reusable menstrual pad shops reusable menstrual cup shops

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BillettesBaubles – Great prints, cotton woven topped pads, zorb core, flannel backed with PUL waterproof layer. Lots of great floral prints and customer service. Wetbags, pantyliners – 13″ & customs.

Cloth Junkies – Ultra thin liners, panty liners, customs, flannel tops, cotton tops, reusable tampons, interlabial pads, unpaper towels, more of a square look to pad ends but can be made rounded or flared with custom orders.

Empire Lush – Cotton woven tops in tons of prints, zorb cores, flece back. Ships from Canada. Came quickly to the USA when I ordered, reasonable shipping!

GladRags – Ready to ship day pads, night, pantyliners and value kits.Save $10 on value kits with REUSE2017 limit one per person. The XO Flo menstrual cup that offers a high-capacity at 38mls. *Worldwide shipping available.

Hand Sewn By Me – Specializes in exposed core pads. Ready to ship printed pads 9″ – 20″ with fleece or waterproof PUL backing. and cloth pad sets available. *Worldwide shipping available

Kelly’s Closet – Large cloth diaper & baby retailer. Carries Pink Lemonade Shop pads, Bummis Fabulous Flo pads, Lunapads and the Sckoon Cup. Also lots of accessories.

Kitty Kat Cloth – Cat & Mouse novel shaped reusable menstrual pads. Shop owner holds stockings and pads are typically out of stock and hard to get a hold of. If you really want them you have to check often & watch her social media for stockings.

Pampered Shop Pads – Post-partum ice pocket pads, made-to-order Minky pads, 7-13 inch with customized absorbency. Superflare pad goes from 13 up to 23″! Pantyliner, light, moderate, heavy & ultra. Interlabial pads & Post-Partum, wetbags. Ships from California, USA. *Worldwide Shipping (I had a great experience here ordering customs)

Trojacek Farms – Custom order handmade pads including OBV and Minky as centers, flannel pad body. Day pads, liners, overnights and thongs. Wetbags and replacement parts. *Worldwide shipping available.


Baby Footprint – Lunapads, Lunapanties, Oko Creations pads, Treehugger cloth pads, Divacup & Femmecycle menstrual cups, wash & wetbags. * Canada & USA shipping

Bella Luna Inspiration – Great prints, very limited. Poly outer (both the soaker top and pad top), hidden natural fiber soaker core, and backed with moisture resistant fleeceExposed-core pads, usually out of stock but they hold pre-orders on occasion.

HomeSteadEmporium – Specializes in hand dyed bamboo velour pads. Offers a monthly subscription and reusable breast pads also.

LucyandMabs – Handmade, huge selection of prints in cotton woven, organic cotton fabrics. Custom orders, free shipping in Canada over $150. 7-10″ pads, panty liners, wool pads, accessories and fabric yards.

Lagoon Baby – A Large shop that carries several reusable pad brands and the Diva cup.

Posh Cloth Products – Handmade designer cotton topped reusable menstrual pads. Some organic cotton and bamboo velour. Lots of florals. *International shipping

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads – Handmade menstrual & incontinence. Minky, bamboo, period panties, post-partum, light, day, night, liners and leaf pad boosters. Accessories. *International shipping available.


Intimina – Lily Cup A & B plus compact collapsible Lily Cup. Also, kegel exercisers, personal massagers and washes.  Get FREE SHIPPING on Lily Cups at! Use code LILYCUP3 (Expires 12/31/18) *International shipping.

Menstrual – Huge selection of cups, Ladypads, SkoonPads, Diaphragms, Cervical caps, Yoni health, pee funnels, Yoni eggs, Slick chicks panties, Menstrual sponges, Incostress incontinence device… The list goes on. * International Shipping.



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