Billettes Baubles Pad Review

Billettes Baubles Pad Review

When searching for reusable menstrual pad shops, you’re typically buying from a work at home store. I’ve purchased from many over the past few years and to be completely honest, some are not great. I’ve received poorly sewn pads and pads that weren’t made with the greatest materials.

Luckily, there are shops like Billettes Baubles that provide the best quality, top-notch sewing, beautiful patterns and a high range of absorbency options. Take a look at my pad samples and shop through my affiliate link to see her store!

billettes baubles pad review

I first saw Billettes Baubles on Instagram and was really impressed with her range of floral patterns. Reusable pads are like little works of art. She has to pick out the patterns, the backing, the thread color, the snap color and even the absorbent material inside. Available pads change based on available fabrics and what she feels inspired to sew!

Many of Billettes Baubles pad sets could easily replace a boquet of flowers that will be composted in a week, and last for years!

Billettes Baubles Pad Features

  • Billettes Baubles are cotton topped, which is both thin and breathable and ideal for someone looking for a thin reusable menstrual pad.
  • The core material, the absorbent portion, depends on flow level.
    • L- one layer of flannel
      M- one layer of 100% Terri cloth
      H- two layers of BambooFleece
      Overnight/PP- 2 layers of Bamboo Fleece, 1 layer of flannel
      Mega- two layers of Bamboo Fleece, two layers of flannel
  • Pads are embroidered with absorbency and length! (photo below)
  • Single snap closure to hold around underwear
  • Lined with waterproof PUL to prevent leak-throughs
  • Also carries wetbags in various sizes for multiple needs
  • Handmade in the USA in Washington state!

billettes baubles pad review

billettes baubles pad review

billettes baubles pad review

billettes baubles pad review

Overall Impression

When I first opened the envelope, I was impressed with how thin these pads are! I have samples light through heavy and to be honest, I thought they wouldn’t be absorbent. After just the first wash, they fluffed up a bit. It was fun to see their transformation!

These pads are ideal for someone looking for a thin & breathable pad but without the worry of leaking through the backing because of the PUL layer.

I reach for these on my light to moderate days. I have 2-3 scary heavy days and in the future, I would like to try out her overnight and/or Mega to cover that flow. I did try the heavy here on my high flow days and leaked off to the side when I stood up.

Her quality is perfect. The stitching is perfect, everything is really nice including packaging. Very well thought out, the colors are coordinated and these are just fun to have! Do you see these cupcakes?

Possibly my favorite print from Billettes Baubles is the macaron pad you see in my Instagram feed here with red sprinkles in a center bleeding pattern to help normalize menstruation:


Where to find Billettes Baubles

Visit her USA based shop here. Remember, these pads are not made in bulk. If you see something you like, it may be one of a kind! Don’t let it sit or you may miss out.

Join her group on Facebook for chatter and sneak peeks!

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Have you tried Billettes Baubles?

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