Can You Have Sex With a Menstrual Cup Inserted?

sex with menstrual cup

Can You Have Sex With a Menstrual Cup Inserted?

Reusable menstrual cups can be wonderful things. There is definitely a learning curve and it may take a few different cups to find the right one…but once you get the right combination menstrual cups are great! If you are wearing a menstrual cup eventually you’ll find yourself in a situation wondering if sex with a menstrual cup inside is okay. Here’s more about that:

sex with menstrual cup

While some persons find themselves completely uninterested in sex of any kind while menstruating others are interested in continuing with or without blood.

The attractiveness of having menstrual cup sex is often that your partner and your surface of choice can remain blood-free while still enjoying the perks of period sex.

Perks of period sex you say? 

Menstruation is often a great time to engage in sexual activities because orgasm can help alleviate menstrual cramps and the release of feel good hormones is welcome any time during the month! In fact, menstruation typically have a boost in sex drive around ovulation and again during menstruation (1). However, like all things each person varies and hormonal intervention like birth control can alter this cycle.

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup inside?

Before we get to this question I’m going to have to ask you to define sex. Sex is many different things for different people. Are we talking oral sex? Vaginal intercourse with a penis? Self-sex using a clitoral vibrator? Any variation of activity that feels or is defined as sexual to you is sex. However, as you can imagine not all sex interferes with a menstrual cup the same. Inserting a penis has different risk factors than orgasm through clitoral stimulation without penetration. See what I’m saying?

To take the cup out or leave it in?

In general, menstrual cup companies do not recommend having penetration with a menstrual cup inside. Inserting a penis could lead to moving the cup in an uncomfortable position, even causing injury and the cup itself may damage the penis. Many cups have a pointy stem at the bottom that could just be irritating or even poke the penis.

Generally the orgasm itself does not move the menstrual cup around rather activity inside of the vagina.

A menstrual cup made for sex.

Intimina made waves with the Ziggy Cup they released with the purpose of having blood-free period sex. The cup or rather disc is designed to sit high and shaped like the disposable soft cup without the waste and environmental impact of disposable materials.

However, I personally find inserting the disc to be a challenge. I have a high cervix and after trying to angle and manipulate the disc I would rather just have intercourse over a towel and skip the cup all together.

If you are going to have period sex with a cup it is recommend that you use one designed just for this purpose. While the Ziggy Cup may not be your cup of tea (pun intended) you may also have luck with another menstrual disc.

ziggy cup

Despite all of this, some menstrual cup users have sex with standard cups anyway. 

One person said that her partner’s penis slides next to the cup and that this is enjoyable to both of them. Another said that the cup moves up very high from arousal and is not long enough to touch her husband’s penis and seems to stay safely inside. Another reader said that her cup sits so low that it was impossible…but that a few attempts were made anyway.

I believe all of these factors would depend on your vagina’s ability to stretch, the length of your vaginal canal and the other party’s desire to try menstrual cup sex.

A different person said she prefers to find an “alternate route of penetration” aka anal sex to avoid the vagina/menstrual cup debate all together. While this may avoid pushing the cup up into your cervix or tuning it, the rectum runs right by the vagina and it may squish your cup and cause leaks anyway.

Is period intercourse with a menstrual cup recommended?

While I find these personally accounts really interesting, I do not recommend this and I personally do not find blood to be a deterrent for penis-vagina intercourse. In fact, I’m happy to have period sex especially at the beginning of my cycle to help get things moving and flowing along. Also at the end to help finish up my cycle.

However, I pass no judgement. If you have menstrual cup sex and it works for you…that’s between you, your vagina and your partner. If you decide to throw caution to the wind I would hope that you go slow and make sure you are being safe… no one wants a late night visit to the ER to address a menstrual cup sex injury or to have an intern fetch a folded cup from up near your cervix…

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Have you had sex with a menstrual cup inside? Do tell! 

Disclosure: This article makes no attempt to diagnose or treat any condition. If you have questions about your health please consult your physician and stay safe.


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