Why I Don’t Recommend Cheap Menstrual Cups

aneer cup

Why I don’t recommend the Aneer cup, and others like it

The reusable menstrual cup market is exploding. While menstrual cups have been around for a long time, inventions like the internet and smart phones are helping to spread the word about these innovative, life-changing eco-friendly products.

However, buywer beware.

While there are many reputable menstrual cup brands on the market, there are just as many manufacturers who see this as an opportunity to make fast money. These companies do not adhere to the same quality standards and are reeling menstruators in left and right to make a quick buck.

aneer cup

The past few weeks, I have received messages and spoken to several menstruators having difficulty with their Aneer cup. In an attempt to get a more personal experience with the cup, I found the company’s website and used their online form to send an e-mail asking for review samples.

While I would literally love to buy every menstrual cup out there, review samples often help me test out products and continue to feed my family.

I did not get a response. In addition, no phone number or e-mail is available.

With a tip from a friend, I located the brand…and was shocked at what I found.

The menstrual cups are available on a China-based product wholesale website for as little as a quarter. That’s right, twenty-five cents. In addition, they are listed wholesale on the company’s website at $39.99 (on sale for $19.99) or two for $29.99. Can you believe that markup? Can you believe that cost?

The sad thing? At twenty-five cents per cup, the distributor is still making money.

Screenshots on 1/6/2018 from China supplier below:

aneer cup

aneer cup

aneer cup

aneer cup

What does this mean?

I’m sure someone will find this article and tell me how much they love their China-based cup. If you happen to have paid $1 for your menstrual cup and are in love, good for you?

I still will not recommend them.

While I do not have a testing lab, I can imagine that the materials in a lunette cup compared to an Aneer cup vary drastically.

Menstruators described their Aneer cups as sticky, too soft and having a strange plastic-like odor.

Not something I want in my vagina.

Like all things, cheap products come at a high cost. Someone who is manufacturing a menstrual cup with a cost of $8 per unit is not cutting the same corners as someone manufacturing cups at twenty-five cents. Is it materials? Quality? Labor? All of the above?

Ther are reasons a reputable brand costs $30 or $40, manufacturers in a high-quality facility and have FDA approval. Quality, consistency, toxin-free, safety and transparency.

What is my recommendation? Put your money where your vagina is. Buy a reputable brand. If the price of a menstrual cup seems too good to be true…it probably is.

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  1. I will be one of those people who is fine with my cheapie cup. I didn’t have the ability to drop $40 on my first cup that I was not even sure I would be able to use. This is my first cup so far so I don’t have much to compare it to but it is soft, has no smell and I have had no leaks or issues thus far. Granted I don’t expect it to last forever and I am sure I will upgrade in the future but I have no regrets paying $5 for my first cup instead of $40.

      1. I purchased an unbranded one from ebay. I made a point to buy from a USA seller instead of one from china to ensure their advertising would be correct. They say Medical Moon Cups. I did make sure to disinfect and clean it properly before first use but it is made with high quality silicone! Again this was just my preference because of my lack of funds but now that I do like to use this cup I would be open to looking at other options. I was just very unsure if I would even be able to use a cup because of how much I dislike tampons and usually would use pads.

  2. I understand young moms not having a lot of money to put down on something they just want to try out, but having a questionable product inside you 24/7 during your period is a scary risk.

  3. I’m glad I have these resources to go through before finally jumping in. I always try to find a bargain, especially with something as unknown as using a menstrual cup. I probably would have been one of those buying the cheapest I could find… But Im too worried the $30-$40 will be a waste if I can’t get it to work for me. 🙁 At least this way, I’ll go in with information rather than blind.

  4. I love to save money any way I can, which is why I switched to my Diva Cup. I briefly thought about ordering one from eBay …. then thought no, there are probably chemicals or something in that. I remember the news blowing up a couple years ago about a lot of cheap baby toys containing chemicals. Ok, so I can supervise my baby so he doesn’y put the toy in his mouth, but I am not putting something that may contain chemicals in my vagina! To each their own. Quick google search link for reference: http://www.poisonedpets.com/half-toys-tested-china-contain-toxins-posing-danger-children-pets/

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